Monday, July 25, 2016

Look for the good and you will find it, like rainbows after the storm!

Hey everyone!! Missionary work is the greatest!!
On Monday we had a normal p-day where we emailed and shopped and wrote some letters. There was a crazy crazy hail storm and it was fun to watch! It storms here so much. It's hot and nice in the middle of the day and then 4pm rolls around and it starts to get crazy! But it's so nice, it cools down the evening and makes for perfect tracting weather :) 

Beautiful rainbow after the storm.
We had dinner at the Staheli's and it was perfect because a lesson that we had planned for the next day didn't have a home to be in so we planned to do it there! 

On Tuesday we did service at our investigator's Debbie and we planted and weeding for a bit. It was great! Then we had some lemonade on her back porch and a lesson! 

Lemonade on the back porch
She is so genuine and sweet. We talked about her religious background and were able to address some of her concerns. She is wonderful! Then we had a lesson at the Staheli's home with Lauren and it was awesome!! She is so ready to be baptized, we just have to wait for her parents to give permission. Hoping it's sooner rather than later!! Then we went to our investigator Katrina and guess what?! She read!! She actually read! It was awesome. We taught her some of the commandments and she was so open and conversational, more than she ever has been before! We were so happy. At our dinner later that evening the family owns a little essential oils business and he put some cinnamon and peppermint on our hands and it smelt exactly like this Christmas bazaar my mom and I would go to in December to sell all of her cool crafts! I loved it and said I need to get myself some of that ;) Sweet memories! 

On Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Mendenhall! It was great. 

Sister Riddle and I before our interviews

We talked about the Book of Mormon and why I love it. I love the Book of Mormon so much!! It has helped guide me and direct me through the times that I have needed that desperately in my life as well and brought me comfort. I love to use the Book of Mormon when we teach because everything in there can be applied to us and the days we live in now! It's so true what it says at the beginning from Joseph Smith, "..a man would get nearer to God by abiding by it's precepts, than by any other book." I love that it is another testament of our Savior and that as I read I come to know Him better; all that He did for me and all that He can do for me. I love it so much!! 
After interviews we went to Promise Ranch and it was pretty good. I worked with a little boy named Cameron and he was so sweet! We spent most of our time outside of the arena in the sun and he loved it! He would say in the cutest way ever, "Walk on Booka!' Oh I love little kids. Then we finished up and were ready to get out of the hot hot heat so we started home. 
When we were like 10 minutes from home there was a bad car accident! There was a car in the left lane next to me and we were coming up on a red light... but he BLEW through it!! He rammed into a car turning that had the right away at 55 mph. It was crazy! I thought someone got really badly hurt. So we pull over and call 911 and go see if everyone's okay. Fortunately God protected them all and no one had anything more then bumps and bruises! The car turning was a truck and they had driven just far enough the the bed of the truck was hit and not the passenger door with a teenage boy behind it!! So we spent an hour in the hot hot sun at this scene talking with the families and police men. It was a genuine accident, but both cars are completely totaled. I am just so glad everyone was okay! It was crazy!! After that we finally headed home and needed to shower, we were both just drenched in sweat haha.

On Thursday we went to Goodwill to do service and it was fun! It was kind of a slow day put, but they put us to work. We finally got the schedule down and went from Goodwill to the church to change and were actually at District meeting on time! Goodwill is out of our area by like 25 minutes so before we would finish service and drive home to change and be late because they're both on opposite ends! It was great this time. We had an awesome training on overcoming fears. We wrote them on balloons, blew them up and then had to pop them without anything quick and sharp. It took some time and effort! haha. It was great. Then we went home and had lunch and then went out to apply everything we learned. 
A great fear that Sister Riddle has is tracting so what better way to get over it than to actually do it?! So we went out tracting and had a little bit of success, it was awesome! I know that when we put forth just a litttttle bit of effort Heavenly Father blesses us so much!! A fear that I have is being unsuccessful or having a mission that is a failure. So to overcome that I am going to study being a successful missionary and ways that I can improve me teaching skills so I can be able to say that I did all that I could a served with all that I had!

On Friday we got a call from our investigator Susan and she dropped us :( We were so sad! Sister Riddle hadn't had the chance to meet her yet so she didn't have the opportunity to love her the way I did so it was really me that was pretty sad. So I was studying in PMG and in the Chapter called Finding People I read how true disciples of Christ are disappointed when investigators choose not to repent and make changes to draw closer to Jesus Christ, BUT they're not discouraged! They choose to continue forward will diligence to find those that the Lord has prepared! I am so grateful for studies and the way that Heavenly Father works through the spirit to comfort me. It was a good day! We had weekly planning and then did some service for the Bushey's. We swept their huge deck off from the hail storm over a week ago. It was fun!

Service with a smile!
On Saturday we went to the Franktown cemetery to do service with the ward. It was awesome! So many people showed up and we had such a great time! It's kind of a run town creepy cemetery that no one takes care of except the Castlewood Canyon ward once a year! haha. Then we had a mini zone meeting about the Fort Collin's temple open house and how fortunate we are to have the opportunity and how we need to use it to our advantage.  So now everything we do tracting wise is related to that, it is AWESOME!! We have seriously had some great success with it!! And later we had a lesson with the sweet girl from Kneaders that gave us her number and she is so sweet! She has no religious background so it was a new challenge to start from the very bottom. It went great!!!!

On Sunday we had such a great day!! Church was crazy busy as usual and we learned so much! But the greatest part that trumps them all is our investigators Wendy and Adian committing to baptism!!! They're scheduled to be baptized September 3rd and we are SO dang excited!!! It was awesome! We had a lesson in the Porras' home and taught about the Restoration! It is so great when your hard work finally comes all together!!! We are so so soooo excited! Keep them in your prayers please!! :)

Well I love you all and hope you have a great great week!!!

Love no matter what, 
-Sister Nelson

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