Monday, August 1, 2016

Another dog story?

Hey everyone! I hope you've had a spectacular week! Let me tell you all about mine :)

So Monday we had a good, relaxed p-day. We emailed and cleaned and shopped and rested. Then we had a ward activity where we met at this beautiful park and celebrated pioneer day! It was great.

Sister Riddle and I

On Tuesday we went over to Aurora to a chiropractor for Sister Riddle. Then we had lunch and a lesson at the Staheli's home with Lauren. I love her! She has been asking her parents about attending church and we are getting closer and closer :) Then we went to the church and had a lesson with our investigator Alex and the Clark kids came! Mitch just returned home from his mission a month or so ago and so he is great at our lessons and Ashlyn just graduated and is thinking about going on one. She is just as great!

On Wednesday we went out to Promise Ranch to do service but... no one was there! haha. So we came back and asked Sister Malm what we could do for her and she had us shampoo her carpets! It took quite awhile but now they are clean clean clean! :) We also did service for a lady in the Pinery ward. She is mega 
( mom, remember that word you love??;D ) pregnant and needed our help so we cleaned up and organized some of her home! It was fun, I love Sister Holley. Then we had a lesson with the Clifton's and taught the Plan of Salvation with my cute little cutouts!! It was awesome, they are doing SO well! Then we went over to THE Smith's and FINALLY they returned home from their vacation!!!! I had missed them so much, it had been 2 and a half weeks!!!! That's way too long! I love them. So we went over the work in the past couple of weeks and then went to a lesson at the Johanson's with Matt! It went so good. He finished the Book of Mormon!! Such a good day. 

On Thursday we went to Goodwill for service and then had district meeting. It was good and all went by so fast! Then we had lunch and it was time to go out. Because it's the end of the month we have to be careful that we don't go over on our miles and we were pretty close so we decided to walk! It was pretty hot at 90 but at least it's not 100 like I hear it is in Tri-Cities! :P So we walked to our investigator Sue's house and had a lesson with her about the Book of Mormon and the personal revelation we receive when we read and pray about it. It was great!

On Friday we had a lesson with Debbie right after our personal studies, so we went out to Franktown and taught about the restoration. It went pretty well, there's a lot of concerns she has but we are working on helping her resolve those. Then we came home and weekly planned and had lunch. We walked to dinner and to our lesson with Alex and it was great! Then we got a ride and came home for exchanges with the Sisters! Sister Kastner stayed in my area and Sister Riddle left to the Parker ward with Sister Tracy.

Saturday was fun! We had studies and then went out tracting because we had no established lessons, not one! haha. 
We came back for lunch and then after lunch mowed the yard of our next door neighbor who recently had back surgery! It was... crazy!! His front yard it like this huge hill and it is hard to push the lawn mower up it!! I miss the flat yards we have in Tri-Cities! But it was fun, and it was Sister Kastner's first time mowing a lawn and that was just hilarious!! Thank goodness my dad taught me, there were a lot of missed patches we had to go back over because she mowed like a crazy person! :P 
Pretty Hilly!

We tracted more the rest of the day and had a lesson with our investigator Katrina. We taught about prophets, the 10 commandments and following the Word of Wisdom. It was good. 
So after that we continued to tract and guys, the craziest thing happens:  so we knock on this door as we are tracting this street and this little teacup dog is following us from the neighbor's house down a ways. We've talked to the guy who lived in this home before and were just coming back to see if we could set up a time to teach him more. So we knock on his door and his scary wolf dogs greet us at the window. He answers and we talk for like 30 seconds, then the teacup dog climbs up the steps and looks at the dogs, then snarls at them in their face.  ALL of the sudden the wolf dog has the teacup dog in it's mouth and the owner it trying to get him to let go, he lets go and then the 2nd wolf/dog put it in it's mouth and the teacup dog is like screetching so we are like standing there terrified and dumbstruck.  The owner is totally flipping out and throwing his dogs in the house and then chasing his wolf/dog to try and stop him. All in all the wolf dog doesn't eat the little dog and the owner gets him to safety, but we were 100% sure it was a goner. So basically, I just want to say-why do people have dogs? silly silly silly. We thought he was going to be really mad when he came back, but the spirit totally softened his heart because he let us set up a time to come back!! Hopefully we don't have to ever go into his home where the wolf/dogs are and would probably try and eat me. haha. CRAZY. Sooo later we then we exchanged back that evening! 

Sunday was a busy busy day. Church is always busy and it seems like the missionaries need to be in 5 places at once! So needless to say, we are always on our toes. It flew by and so did our meetings afterwards. We had lunch and then went back for a lesson with Alex. We finished getting through the Restoration and it was great! He is a bit of a slow learner, but he's never had religion in his life so it makes sense! It's all new and unheard of concepts for him. But it was good! I hope you all had a great great week too!!! I love you!

Love no matter what,
Sister Nelson
Sister Nelson is still trying new things to help her stomach.  
Honest, she ate Almond Milk!!  Big step for this non-brave eater of foods!

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