Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday, America!

Hello everyone!! This week has been great! I hope you all had a happy fourth of July! :)
On Monday we had an awesome P-Day! We got up and exercised and studied, all of the normal morning things, then we got ready for the day! Did you know that I absolutely love the sweet lady we live with?? 

I don't think I've ever taken a picture and shown you all who she is but, she is the BEST! The snack fairy still comes every other day, we're so spoiled! ;) So we went out to a different area in Parker and had a lady from the ward that Sister Borup previously served in here, take some farewell pictures of her! And I got some with her too :) But we don't have the pictures yet so that'll be a cherry on top of the blog whenever the come in the next few weeks! Then we went food shopping at the good ol' Walmart and came home. We were cleaning out the fridge to be able to put the new stuff in and... did you know... broccoli goes bad? And when it goes bad it goes BAD!! haha. So we had a rotten broccoli and it kind of fell all over the place so we spent some time cleaning that up and trying to not smell it! haha. Things you learn on your mission! :P Then we had dinner and oh my heavens, it was picture perfect! We ate outside and the sweet family just had all of these fabulous things laid out on the table that we just had to snap a picture!! 

Dinner Outdoors!
I love the sweet members here!
On Tuesday we did some service at a member's home because she was on vacation and her basement flooded and she only had a couple of days before she was going to be off again and needed some help. So we were glad to! We helped put carpet back and clean up and organize. It was pretty fun! I spent a good amount of time organizing some blankets and pillows on top of a built in bunk bed and that was fun! haha. Then we went home and had lunch and went out for the plans we had that day! We had a lesson with one of our investigators and were able to teach her about the Restoration and it went great! I love teaching, especially with Sister Borup! When the companionship has unity it makes such a huge difference in the spirit you feel when teaching and being taught!
Wednesday was a great day too! We had a different lesson and this time a member came with us and it was SO great!! The spirit was so strong and we were able to teach about the Plan of Salvation and what that means in our lives and for her life. And the member that came with us was so perfect because she wasn't afraid to talk and share her testimony and what it means to her. It was soo great!! :) Then we did service at Promise Ranch and Sister Borup and I were separated in two classes and so I was by myself with this horse (okay, not by myself because there are other people apart of the session, but without Sister Borup who isn't afraid of horses!) So it wasn't the most fun time I had at service ;)
On Thursday we had service at Goodwill again and it went well! Because it wasn't our first time we weren't so lost, and I like that :P Then we went over to our ward misision leader's home in one of our wards and had lunch before we had District Meeting. It was good! And they are just the best. Then we went to District Meeting and of course, learned a lot :) Right after that we had a lesson and it was good. The sweet lady we were teaching doesn't really believe in anything we believe so we are trying to help her on that! haha. 
On Friday we were able to go out to lunch with a sweet member from Arvada that we served! It was so fun, we love the McGary's! After that we came home and we had weekly planning for most of our day. It was effective! haha. Then we had dinner and that was good. It was a pretty normal day! 
On Saturday we were in most of the day because Sister Borup was so sick! She must've eaten something I didn't and she just didn't feel well and didn't rest at all that night. So that was sad! But she is feeling better now :)
Sunday was a good day! I always love church. We had some meetings and then sacrament of one ward and then we taught sharing time in Primary! I love that. I missed doing it even if I did it for a short amount of time before I left! haha. We taught about temples and how God commanded that we build them, then why we're blessed because of it! It went great! And one of the sweet presidency members gave us the cutest little thank you thingy! It was two chocolate candies put together to look like scriptures! 

Our cute THANK YOU!
Oh man, so cute!! Then we came home for our lunch hour and then went out for the evening trying to find. It was great! 
Okay, now to the best part of the week! MONDAY! (Well I totally love Sunday, but this Monday has been the best EVER!) Happy Fourth of July!!!! So we get up and ready and went to a member's home in the Pinery and had breakfast! There were lots of members there and it was fun to visit with them. 

Smith Home


Especially the Bushey's who are so much like my sweet Grandma and Grandpa Nelson! It was a tender mercy to spend time with them because it's probably my first 4th without my family and some kind of Utah reunion! haha. Then we went to the Smith's and had a breakfast with them because they invited us to last week and that was fun! They are so much like family! And they are our favorite Smith's!! Then we changed and left to go.... to Castlewood Canyon to hike!!! 

Castlewood Canyon

Oh my gosh it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! There were tons of people there but so many trials to go and hike! We just picked a random one and had tons of fun!! I only tripped a couple of times and Sister Borup only fell into the Lake once! hahaha. We are so blessed to serve in the prettiest area in our mission!! It was seriously so much fun!! Then we came home and changed and cleaned up and went out food shopping! Later we had a BBQ with some other members in one of our wards and it was great! We had to be in early so we came home and scrap booked with all of the pictures we printed out at Walmart (You'd be so proud mom!) Then we talked with Sister Malm for a bit and watched the couple of fireworks we could see from her window! It was such a great 4th of July!! And of course Sister Borup just loves celebrating holidays that she doesn't have in her country and seeing everyone around wear red white and blue!! I love the holidays!!! I hope you all have a fabulous week! I love you :)
Love no matter what,
-Sister Nelson

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