Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Airport Goodbyes with Peggy
Gma and Gpa Anderson

Mom and Dad
& Bubba
And at the MTC, Big Bro, Tyler did the "drop off"
The MTC is crazy, everyone. For 16 hours a day you are ALWAYS doing something. There are so many pros and cons to it, but I think it's more important to realize the good happening in your life, give the glory to God and be SO much happier than you would if you didn't!! But I'll be the first to admit that I was DOWN those first couple of days. I miss my family and the simplicity and easiness of home. And it just seems so hard... but truly, after I realized (again) my purpose for being here: to share the love of Christ I have and the TRUE happiness that comes from the gospel, I feel so honored to be entrusted by my Father in Heaven to be here. I get the opportunity to be here for 3 weeks rather than the normal 12 days because the MTC is trying to get back to that schedule in March and is using us as their guinea pigs. Initially, I was not thrilled; I just want to be out there!! But after much prayer and reliance on my Savior, I came to know that I am SO blessed to be here an extra week to learn more and feel more of the Spirit! Prayer is SO REAL! You are literally talking with your Father in Heaven that loves you more than you can comprehend. Before you pray I just invite you to take a couple extra minutes to think about your day and the way you've seen God's hand in your life. Ask yourself, How have I been blessed today? Also consider what you could do better and write it down so you can focus on it the next day. Personal improvement does not come overnight because you prayed for it and really want it. Those two things are great, but you also have to work. You have to realize that Salvation does not come easy, but He will be there to help you every step of the way. 

So the main agenda for each day here in the MTC is getting up, eating breakfast (ew) going to class for 3 hours, eating lunch (ew), going back to class for 3 hours, eating dinner (ew), and then going back to class for personal and companion study for your investigators for 3 hours, and then GYM and then personal time and bed. Common thing there? Class and gross food. ha ha They need like a grocery store here where you can go and buy granola bars and fruit snacks! But I won't be here for much longer and will be able to eat whatever I please. Of course, there' s pros and cons to that.. one being getting fat eating whatever I want... but I definatly don't need to worry about that while I am here since they don't have good food here.... :P One super cool thing is that I am the only person that plays piano in our district well enough for people to sing to so I play for all of our meetings and during Sacrament! SUPER COOL!! And this coming Sunday I am going to be doing a musical number for Sacrament and I don't even know which one to choose yet!! :D

I love my companion! Her name is Sister Abbie Larson and she is from Taylor, Arizona! She is so patient and loving with me, especially when I cry everyday. She is just there to help me back up when I fall. We have a great companionship. We learn every day how to communicate better and how to serve each other more. We set goals that we want to accomplish and hold each other accountable for them. We have personal goals and companion goals and district goals. The more goals I can set the better the person I can become! I just love how much more I learned living with someone everyday! I KNOW that it will help me in my marriage, communication skill and setting goals. Always look for ways to serve those you are around, it will better your day and better yourself.

OKAY SO BRAGGING RIGHTS HERE: I have the BEST district ever!! At first it just kinda of seemed like a lot of guys getting together in a high school class talking about all the pranks they've ever pulled and it kind seemed like they were all there because mommy and daddy told them too. How rude am I to be so prejudice like that?! We have THE BEST young men to work with. They hold and honor the priesthood power they hold and I am so grateful for that. As we've gotten to know one another we've been able to create an environment of love and trust. That is SO important. It is so important to have the people you're around (or in my case, try to teach) KNOW that I love them and care for them and trust me. They need to know that before I can begin teaching or they won't have the spirit there to testify of the truthfulness of the gospel because they won't feel like they're cared about. That is something VERY important that I have learned. We actually met with one of our investigators yesterday for the first time (yes, real non-mormons, haha) and it went SO bad. I was a hot mess all over the place and I tried to just handle it with my companion and I but then we had to go back to class and they asked us how it went and I just started bawling. My district never showed so much support and love to me as they did last night. They asked how they could help and were telling me that as long as I was trying my best Heavenly Father was proud of me. They all were looking up scriptures of comfort and trying to make me laugh. Never, never ever ever, would I think that in just 5 days I could come to love 10 people SO much. Never did I think that they would be such a lifeline in those tough times. Heavenly Father doesn't just work through the spirit, He works through people too. In my case, 10 very, very special people. Look around you and see those that are there uplifting you and loving you, they are working through Heavenly Father. Always be humble and grateful.

Something really special: So today we were able to go to the temple, and I LOVE THE TEMPLE!! I feel so edified and loved as soon as I walk in those doors. While we were waiting we were in a chapel and there was an organist and it made me miss the organ SOOO much!! How cool would that calling be?! It was amazing. So we got out and walked around for a bit and then came back to campus. Last night, thanks to some stellar advice from my favorite Hanna Smith, I asked our district leader if he would give me a blessing. Mostly a blessing of comfort and patience. He said of course he would! So today after the temple he remembered and I was SO glad, (becuase I didn't want to ask again and feel like I was a burden and because some missionaries are really scared to give blessings).  So my comp and I and his comp and him all went back to our little classroom and he gave me a blessing. YOU GUYS, I have only like 3 other times in my life EVER felt the spirit so strongly. I know that Heavenly Father cares for me and was directing him in every word he said. He blessed my family that they would be comforted and he blessed me that I would remember my purpose and to continue to love and have patience for those in my residency and for those in my district. He told me that he knew I was at the MTC for a reason and that there are people waiting to be taught the restored gospel through the spirit from me. He said so much but those were just a couple that stood out. I am so so so so so grateful for Elder Stockton Smith and the great example he is to me and to our district. An 18 year old could not do that without the authority and power from God. How grateful I am that we have that restored on the Earth today and how we can feel that as we ask for it. Heavenly Father really loves me and every single one of YOU! Pray to Him, ALWAYS pray to Him. He cares so much more than you know. 

Sister Nelson with Sisters Babcock, Rader, and Larson
With Sister Larson?
Another Sister Missionary
Sister Missionaries!
At the Provo Temple
Okay so last thing!!!, My companion and I have been called as Sister Missionary Training Leaders of our zone and it is SO humbling!! I love all of my sisters here and I am so thankful that I could have the opportunity to strengthen those relationships and help them in anything I can. (mostly cries on the shoulder because there's a LOT of that here ;) I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I know that through Him I was able to be called to this position to help others. God is SO good! Look for Him in your life! He is there, I promise you that!!! I love you all and I am so grateful for your support. Thanks A TON!! :) :) :)

-Sister Mykalyn Nelson

Christmas at the MTC

Beautiful lights at the MTC

Mykie and the Map!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Off to the MTC

Wednesday was Mykalyn's first solo plane trip that took her to Salt Lake City and one step closer to the MTC!  She is so ready to go, there were no tears - this is her next step in her life's progression and she's excited for the opportunity!  Her big brother, Tyler, drove down from Logan and his life at Utah State University to pick her up at the airport.  This was really something that Mykalyn had been looking forward to for a while since he couldn't come up for her farewell.  

She's off on her next great adventure!  
Her address until December 7th will be:

Sister Mykalyn Nelson
2005 N 900 E Unit 202
Provo, UT  84602

The fastest way to get a letter to her in the MTC (and it doesn't even cost you a stamp) is through DearElder.com.  Give it a try!
Thanks for your support!