Monday, July 18, 2016

Sister Riddle - Sister Nelson's new companion!

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a fabulous week :)
This Monday was a good p-day! We emailed of course, then we had a crazy day of running last minute errands for Sister Borup! We went to Kneaders for lunch one last time and it was great. I got a package from my mom with the coolest binder in it!! It has tons of little cut outs and games/activities to have when teaching and it is seriously the greatest thing I have ever gotten! I think the only thing to have topped it before were letters from my dad when he served and wrote home to his family :) 

So this was pretty dang cool!!! It has cut outs to go along with scripture stories and games to play to help teach for understanding! I love it and have already used it! That night we went over to the Porras' for dinner and our investigators came!! We had a very relaxed, easy-going dinner and it was perfect! Then we taught a lesson about the spirit and it was incredible! 

The Porras' testified of experiences and then the Clifton's did too!! After that, we had another lesson in a member's home with Brother Davison and it was awesome. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the covenant of baptism and the spirit was so strong. We invited him to be baptized but he doesn't think he's quite ready yet. But it was still so wonderful! Like the best P-Day ever!!
On Tuesday it was kind of like the worst day ever.... Sister Borup was going to be leaving me! :( We got up and ready and then met with the Wright for breakfast wayyyy early :) It was great. I love them and there were no tears that fell! Only in the eyes! 

After that we thought we had gotten everything she needed but we didn't so while we were in town we ran some last-last minute errands. Then we came back home and P-A-C-K-E-D. It was crazy! We got all of her stuff to weigh under 50 lbs and be in two suitcases. Blessings from heaven!! After that we spent some time cleaning things up and then I packed a bag to go. We put all of her stuff in the car and then went back for one last look through (my dad taught me that.) So we finished looking through and knelt down to say a prayer together. There are many many times that I feel the spirit strong in my mission,  but there are few times where I feel the spirit of gratitude overcome me. This was one of those times! As Sister Borup offered a prayer I couldn't help but feel God's love. We were so blessed to be able to serve together again! To be entrusted to open a new area in the mission and cover two wards. We had a blast the whole time and became even better friends than I thought was possible. I am so grateful to have had her as my trainer. To help me along through the tough times and to have her by my side through the great! It was pretty emotional. To say some tears fell would be an understatement. But when she finished we just hugged and cried and told each other nice things and laughed! I can always count on a good laugh from her :) We went upstairs and said goodbye to Sister Malm then drove to meet the STLs so we could drive to Westminister to take her to the mission home. The drive was crazy, lots of traffic and a crazy driver! But we got there and spent the last few minutes together before we had to say our official goodbyes. We drove back and I didn't even cry! I was definitely sad but I held myself together. We spent the evening in the Sister's area and then went home for the night. Sister Borup called me from the mission home (with permission of course) and we talked in Danish one last time for a while!! I love that girl so much.
On Wednesday we woke up and studied and left to go to the stake center to meet my newest companion. We waited there for probably an hour, which isn't as bad as last time! My new companion's name is Sister Riddle! 

She is from Texas and has been out four  months. She just finished training so it's just a normal companionship! We packed her stuff up in the car and headed back to Sister Malm's. We met and then unpacked her stuff and went out! We met with some Less Actives and met some people of the ward. There was a ward activity that night for Castlewood Canyon and it was good. I made it the whole day without crying until we came home that evening and I was getting ready to lay down and there was a letter under my pillow! Of course it was from Sister Borup and of course I opened it and totally bawled! Fortunately my companion was in the shower so I was free to ugly cry haha. Did you all know that I absolutely love Sister Borup?! I decided I would cry about it that evening and then I would move on!
So on Thursday we got up and studied and went to do service at Goodwill. Then we had District meeting and met some of the new missionaries! Then we came home from lunch and then went out biking! We biked a lot this week and it was great! There are so many people to talk to and it saves a lot of miles! haha. For dinner we had one of my favorites... chicken alfredo! But someONE put artichokes in it.... haha. I may be rethinking what my favorite meal is! They're so sweet though. haha. It was a good day!
On Friday we had weekly planning all day and it took quite a bit of time. Sister Riddle doesn't really know the area at all so there was a lot of explaining to do! Then we went to do service at Promise Ranch and she was just having the time of her life! I love when I get companions that love animals because then they protect me from them! haha.  After that we had a couple a lessons and went biking some more. Later in the evening this time which made it a lot better!
On Saturday we got up and were going to have a lesson, but it ended up falling through. So we went out finding and were able to have a lesson with a Less Active member so that was great! We went to our sweet investigator Sue's house and we did some service. There was a huge hail storm the night before (the sky in Colorado is probably upset because Sister Borup is no longer in the country;) and so people's yards were wrecked! So we cleaned up for Sue and then had lunch and went home and cleaned up for Sister Malm. I love doing service! Later we went out biking and we have really been saving a lot of miles! So that was fun. We contacted some people on our list, but unfortunately not a lot of people were home. Then we had dinner and a meeting with one of our ward's mission leader and then went home! It was a good day. I feel so accomplished after biking haha. 

Sunday was great! We had a meeting and then sacrament and then we were doing sharing time in the Pinery Ward and went on splits so I could attend the Castlewood Canyon's sacrament and it was wonderful! The sweet girl that I was talking about last week arrived home safely and she gave a homecoming talk. I love her already!! And our mission president and his wife came down and attended our ward! It was awesome! I love them so much!! After church we came home for lunch and then went out. After dinner (we were fed some baaaaad chicken) we came home both feeling pretty sick! But overall is was a great day. 
At first I was very very sad that Sister Borup left and I thought I wasn't going to be able to make it, but time goes on and I realize that I just might be okay ;) I am grateful to have Sister Riddle, she is sweet and thankfully not a crazy one! haha. No one is like Sister Borup and that's okay. I will see her again soon! 

But there is a work to do here in Parker South and in Colorado and I am thankful to be apart of it! I love you all and hope you have a great great week!!
Love no matter what, 
-Sister Nelson

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