Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sister Borup's last week

Hello everyone!! I love missionary work so much! And being with Sister Borup again has just been the greatest thing I could have ever received! It has been her last full week in the mission field and we have loved every minute of it. I am so grateful for her! From the very beginning when she welcomed me in Arvada with loving arms and a silly accent to opening a brand new area to our mission and sweeping 2 wards. I didn't think it would be possible to love her any more when I was sent home but distance made the heart grow fonder and I know that as she returns home to Denmark this week I will just love her even more than I thought I could! Only one year more and we can be reunited!! She has taught me so much. She has been patient and loving in every way and I hope to emulate her wonderful example as I continue on in my missionary work. She is the BEST!!!
Sweet Sister Borup and I
This week has been great, we started with the 4th of July and great memories. But I already told you all about that so we will start at Tuesday :)
On Tuesday we woke up really sore from our hike in Castlewood Canyon so we went out for a nice walk around the neighborhood! We went out during the day and tried to find some people to teach. It was a pretty slow day but we still had fun! 
On Wednesday we did service at Promise Ranch and guess what everyone?! For the first time I didn't feel like crying when we got out of the car!! And Sister Borup and I were separated again and I totally handled it! Granted we had the nicest horse in the Ranch and a really sweet, calm, little boy... but still! We are making progress here!! It was a wonderful day too. We had dinner at our favorite Smith's home that evening and it was the cherry on top! :)

Me also being brave with this husky!
On Thursday we had Zone Meeting and it was awesome! I got to play piano for an Elder who sang a special musical number and it was great! It would've been more fun with Sister Borup singing... but it was still great! I love being able to play piano :) We had a lesson at our investigators Sue's but she cancelled and then our dinner cancelled so who did we call?? The Smith's! haha We made sandwiches for dinner and had a nice time! They are so sweet to us. Then we had a lesson with our investigator Katrina and we invited her to be baptized and she thought about it for a long time and then said that she will get back to us on that! That is progress!! Keep her in your prayers :)
On Friday we went to Sue's to do service! We pulled a TON of mint weeds! But at least it smelt good :) And guess what?! She invited us over for dinner!! How sweet it that?! We were so excited. Then we had to go home and change and leave to Westminster for Sister Borup's departing interview. She wasn't that happiest about that but we made a good time out of it and stopped in Denver on our way! We talked to so many people and had such a fun time!!

A Barbie "Party" Car

Downtown Denver

 The interview was pretty quick and we were on our way again! It was about 5pm now and the traffic back was crazy! We were 30 minutes late for dinner! haha. There is not traffic like that here in Parker South that's for sure!! After dinner we went over to the Smith's because it was grandma's birthday! We sang for her and gave her her favorite candy, Hot Tamales! Then we asked her what we could do for her and she said "Well can you look at my quilts?" So we spent a good amount of time adorning her quilts! haha. 

Grandma's Birthday!
I love older people,, they make me happy. Then we went to the church to practice a song for a baptism in the ward that we were asked to play at and we made a medley of "Dearest Children God is Near You" and "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus" and it turned out really cool!! Then we were driving home and we got a text from the Christensen's (whose son was getting baptized) and they said that the baptism is going to have to be postponed for a month because their daughter is returning home from her mission in Brazil in a week. Oh man we were so heart broken! And so touched that I can be in this specific area at this time because I know exactly what she is about to go through!! Heavenly Father is SO aware of each and every one of us and knows our exact circumstances! He is always providing a way to help us get through the trials and tribulations we are faced with in this life. I know it!!
So Saturday morning we wake up and get ready. We went to Bingham Lake to do service with the Pinery ward by picking up trash around the lake. It went really well! Then we went over to the Christensen's to talk with them and I was able to share a bit of my experience of going home because they didn't know and it was so great! I am so blessed to have been able to have gone through that trial so I can help! And I think this is one of the first times I have felt that I have been "blessed" to go through a trial! Especially that one. I am so grateful!! She comes home by this Friday so we will meet then! Later that day we had lunch at Kneaders with Brother and Sister Mason from Arvada 5th ward!! They drove all the way down and it was great! And guess what?! A worker from Kneaders gave us her number and told us to call her because she is interested in learning more about what we believe!! Isn't that incredible!? Oh my heavens we were so excited!! After lunch we went out for a bit tracting and then dinner time came! We went over to Sue's and she made some mayonnaise covered chicken, broccoli and some potatoes! It wasn't my favorite meal ever but it was so fun to be with her! And she loves loves loves to cook so that was good for her :) It was a great day!!
Sunday was great too! We had church and meetings and everything was wonderful! In Castlewood Canyon's ward council (the Christensen family is in that ward) we talked about the things that we can do to help Sister Christensen when she returns home and it was just so sweet to see the other side of things. This ward is so great! We all fasted for her and it is just incredible to see how much of a family we really are. We were also able to sing in one ward the Castlewood Canyon ward for Sister Borup's last Sunday and it was great! We sang "In Christ Alone" and I will miss so much being able to play for her!! And we also got to teach Sharing Time in primary in the other ward and was so fun!! Everything was just so great. It was a wonderful Sabbath. We had dinner at the Bishop of the Castlewood ward and it was hilarious! I really love serving here!!
Missionary work is wonderful and it has been especially wonderful to serve beside my best friend for 3 months! Maybe not 3 months in a row... but still :) I will miss Sister Borup and know that she has been very loved here and missed in Denmark! Have a wonderful week everyone, I love you all!!
Love no matter what,
Sister Nelson

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