Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Despite the challenges we face, there is always good - all we have to do it look for the good

Well,  this week has been one of those tougher weeks. At least I can say that I have the same companion as I did last week! ha ha. I know that Heavenly Father gives us challenges and trials so we can learn and grow.
For this post I will give some highlights of my week :)
*On Monday I was able to use my little Plan of Salvation cut outs while teaching at a Family Home Evening with some members in our ward. It was awesome! I love those little things so much, and the little kids loved them too! Ha ha.
*On Tuesday we had service at Task Force and it was awesome! I love that little food bank.
Then we went to a family in our ward, the Martlaro’s, and helped back pizzels for Emily’s graduation party and it was such a success! It was so fun because pizzels are so particular and so we had fun trying to get it down perfectly. 
I also got a package in the mail and it was from my mom! I had received more cute cutouts and ideas and I am so grateful for her! I also got my ballot and I am proud to say I voted!! J
Lesson Enhancers! Thanks Mom!
Civic Duty DONE!
*On Wednesday we had district meeting and it went well, it was all about finding again so that was good.
We had the most hilarious dinner I have ever had on my mission with the sweetest family, the Zinter’s. When we got there she said that the food was just preparing to come out of the oven. After 20 minutes the food wasn’t done so she put it back in. 10 minutes later she went to get the over and the liquid that the meat was in boiled over and was burning at the bottom of the oven. The fire alarms went off and they were very obnoxiously loud. Now we had been there for 45 minutes and the fire department was calling asking if they needed to send help. Then the alarms still didn’t go off so we sat for 10 minutes waiting for the food to be done trying to have some nice conversation over blaring fire alarms. It was really quite “dinner and a show!” Needless to say our hour dinner appointment went over but we had a good time! The food was totally worth the wait! Ha ha. I love that family
*On Thursday we had some appointments and later that evening at the Relief Society President’s home and guess what she made for dessert?! The same marshmallow, chocolate-y rice crispy brownies my mom makes!! It was so awesome! I love that lady.
*On Friday we had studies and started a bit of weekly planning before we went and had interviews with President and Sister Mendenhall. They were awesome! I love those two! They do so much work for us. The advice given to me multiple time by President Mendenhall was “just hang on!” That’s exactly what I am trying to do. Ha ha.
Us Before Our Interviews With President Mendenhall - Same comp as last week!! :)
After that we went to go and get gas in our car and we pulled behind someone and guess what?! They offered to pay for our gas! Even after we said that we don’t pay for it out of pocket, he said that he wanted to so those funds could go elsewhere. It was such a blessing! I love people like that.
*On Saturday we had a baptism of a little girl in our ward and I was able to play the piano at it! I love the piano so much. It was a sweet baptism, the little girl was so dang excited haha. 
We tracted all day Saturday trying to get in contact with those that had talked with missionaries before and we didn’t have much luck, but I did get a pretty good sunburn! I remembered to put sunscreen on my arms and legs but I forgot my neck and chest haha.
Sunburn :(
That evening we had a ward activity and it was seriously the cutest thing ever! It was all about the Book of Mormon and they did it so well. We had to “kill our food” like Nephi with a bow and arrow. We made paper boats and “sailed across the sea to get to the promised land” (Dessert) and it was just so fun! I love this ward.
*On Sunday we had some meetings and in between them and church I played the piano. It was so cute, halfway through the time I had a little girl came in to the room and was just waiting for her class to start. (I think she ran away from sacrament meeting and was just hanging out in the Primary room. Haha) But I was playing and she would try and sing but didn’t know the words and it was just the cutest dang thing ever! Haha I love kids so much.
Church was good, like it always is and that evening (despite the experience last time) we had dinner with the Zinter’s! The food was all prepared this time ;) We love them! That evening their daughter went out with us and we contacted some of our investigators and potential investigators. It was a good Sabbath!
There is always good despite the challenges we face, all we have to do it look for them. I love you all! I appreciate your love and support more than you know! Have a great week!!
Love no matter what,
Sister Nelson

Monday, May 16, 2016

Another Emergency Transfer!

Wow! Isn't it so fun how Heavenly Father gives us so so soo many opportunities for learning and growth?! I thought last week was going to be my craziest... BUT I was wrong! haha. This week has been a wild ride; emotionally and spiritually. But I also know that had things not happen the way that they did I wouldn't be able to really become the daughter of God that I know I can be. There's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone!
Oh and our windshield wiper broke and it was the funniest,
most random thing ever!  On a good ol' rainy day!
(It makes it hard to see when you don't have windshield wipers...
I encourage all to have them!) hahaha
So we'll start at the beginning. Monday was a good day! We went emailing and went to Walmart. Fun fact: we got in and out of Walmart in 40 minutes! (record time!!). We went to the post office and then home to put our groceries away. 
Zone P-Day
Then we changed and went to Zone P-Day! It was so fun, our zone leaders Bar-B-Qued for us and then we played ultimate football (someone forgot the Frisbee haha) It was so fun! Then we came back and got ready for dinner. It was a good day!
Tuesday was good too. We did all of our normal studies/morning routine and then we went to service. When I say we "went" to service I mean it took us 30 minutes to find the dang service place! Sister Netherton was our driver and previously knew the area and now I was the driver and has a general idea of the place, but didn't really know where EXACTLY. haha. (PS we do have a GPS and we tried to put it in and then it took us to the middle of nowhere with no Parker Task Force to be found so...) So once we finally got there all that was left to do was to clean! So we cleaned the bathrooms and I am just so grateful that I know how to clean a bathroom well! haha Thanks mom! After that we came back and had lunch and then a lesson. It went SO well! 
Sister Saito and I just have the best unity! We taught about the Plan of Salvation. Man, I love that plan! We are so fortunate to know WHY we are here on Earth, where we are from and where we are going. Can you imagine not knowing? What would be the purpose to life?? I am so blessed to be able to teach it too. To help others understand! After the lesson we went to dinner and GUESS WHAT?! It was chicken alfredo!! 

The Chimentos who made us Chicken alfredo!  I gotta say, I love those slippers!
I love that stuff! It is like my favorite (besides the good ol' spaghetti and lasagna I can't really have at the time being (but one day!!)) We are so spoiled here! After dinner we had a lesson with that family and then a lesson with some of our investigators and it just went so well! 
Our investigators!
I can't even explain it but the unity that Sister Saito and I have is the best! We just switch every sentence and testify so clearly and boldly that the spirit is just there! I love it. I love Sister Saito. 
Wednesday was a full day! We got up and had studies then we had a meeting called Zone Meeting (super original haha) It was good, but it went from 10:30 to 3:30! So it was pretty long, but I learned a lot!! 
Zone Meeting
Afterwards Sister Saito told the bad news... She was officially going home. (I know that just hit you like a ton of bricks!) I did know that that was happening, I mean I am with her 24/7, but it was so sad to really know that it was actually real! Sister Saito is sick and the kind of sick that requires a lot of rest. As a missionary you don't really have that opportunity a whole lot so it's hard to feel like you are doing everything you can to be a diligent missionary. She is beyond capable of teaching and loving but just has those physical limitations which is SO sad. After that (I cried for a bit) and then we went to a lesson. We had dinner at our Ward Mission Leaders home and it was so fun! They have kids and they are hilarious so that made it quite the show. And Sister Young went to USU and majored in Elementary Education so that was so fun to talk about! I can't wait to teach!! We had a lesson that evening with a member and then we went home.
Thursday: Well we got official news of what was going to happen. Sister Saito would leave Friday night and fly home and I would be staying here and a new missionary would be coming. Emergency transfer number two in the same transfer! haha. It was good to know what would happen, though still sad to know that she really was going to leave. We did some service later that day and it was a good distraction! We got a call that a lady needed some help carrying up some groceries from her car and we were like, "yes, game one!" We love doing groceries, our saying always goes, "there's no such thing as a second trip." Welllllllllllll we got there and this lady opened up her car and.. well, there was going to be a such thing as a second trip hahaha. More like 5 or 6 trips! There was so much! But it was good, we got our workout in so that was fun :) We came home and packed up a bit until our lesson. It was a hand-off lesson with some sisters and it went really well! Sister Saito and I just know how to teach so clearly and simply! I am so sad to see her go! haha. I know I have already sad that but it's true! I love the scriptures and the gospel. 
Friday We did our studies and then did weekly planning. We went to our Ward Mission Leader's home to weigh her luggage (both under 50lbs after some rearranging! That's pretty impressive!!) and then we had lunch. Sister Saito packed up all of her things and at 3:30 our STLs came and picked us up to drive to meet President and Sister Mendenhall. The drive was good, it was about 40 minutes long and we laughed the whole way! Then we got there and had to say our goodbyes... 
Saying goodbye to Sister Saito :(
I managed to hold my tears in right until they drive away and we had gotten in the car. I bawled! haha. I tried to stop and not cry so dang hard but I was/am so dang sad!! I love Sister Saito soo much!! I have learned so much from her and hate that such a hard-working missionary has to go home. It wasn't all that fun. The STLs stayed the night with me and we had some appointments. They went well, but probably could've gone better. 
Saturday we woke up and got ready and got in the car to go and pick up the new sister. I was scared out of my mind. The drive was short but we waited for a half an hour before they came. I managed to keep my tears down but didn't say much either haha. I met Sister Boelter and I wanted to bawl! She is like 5'8 and very matter-of-fact. We got in the car after she said her goodbyes and all I could do to not cry was pretend to read my scriptures haha. We got home and the STLs dropped us and her stuff off and then left. 

Sister Nelson's new companion, Sister Boelter!
I figured I better say something and so I showed her where she could put all of her stuff and then talked and rambled for like 10 minutes, finally ending with, "Well I am really terrified to area train you because you have been out for 15 months and I don't even know if I know what I am doing!" and sweet Hermana Boelter told me it would all be okay. She is actually a spanish missionary so she was nervous for teaching in english because she hasn't ever! So from then on we just unpacked her stuff and talked about the week ahead (and I didn't want to cry so much! haha) We went to a food drive and then a lesson. We came back home and unpacked some more and planned for some lessons. We went out tracting and then trained that evening. I slept like a rock!
Sunday was good. I love Sundays! We had some meetings, then I played some piano, then we had church, then we had our other ward and then we had some more meetings. So it was a filled day! 

Sister Missionaries
We came home for dinner and then out for some lessons and finding. It was good! I love that opportunity to take the sacrament and be able to renew those baptismal covenants. I am grateful for that each week because I need it! Our lessons that night went well and we came home and went to bed! All is going to be okay! 
So that's how crazy emergency transfers are but everything is possible with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! I know that I have much to learn from Sister Boelter and that I learned TONS with Sister Saito! I am grateful for these opportunities to grow and pray that I can fulfill the potential that God sees in me. I love you all and appreciate your prayers!
Love no matter what, <------- really!
-Sister Nelson

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Oh my gosh everyone! I just had the craziest week of my life!! Some serious highs and some serious lows! Missionary work is just the best! Where else could I get both in 1 week?? Ha ha. Here we go!
So on Monday it was the normal p-day shenanigans and it was good. We went emailing, we went shopping, we stopped by the post office and then we wrote some letters! Then we went to dinner and did some tracting in the evening, it was all a good day. That night we met up with two other Sisters (the Sister Training Leaders (STLs)) and we exchanged! So Sister Saito and I went with Sister Tracy back to her ward named Parker. And Sister Netherton stayed in our ward and Sister Kastner went! We drove wayyy out a ways and got to this cute little farm home and unpacked our stuff, planned for the day tomorrow and went to bed. 

Tuesday: So we go up and worked out and then got ready for the day. We did our studies and those were great! I totally realized something so cool! So I have this little blue Book of Mormon that I read for topics and highlight accordingly and the first time I went through I read looking and highlighting ways to "Be an effective missionary" in pink! Then I decided I was going to go through and read for the "Character of Christ" and highlight it in green. So I am almost done with the book and have gotten to Christ's visit to the America's in 3 Nephi. So I am reading through and I am just highlighting over everything I have done in pink and I asked myself, "Man, why am I highlighting over everything?" and THEN it hit me! Of COURSE I would be an effective missionary if I applied the character of Christ into the work!! How cool is that?! Oh my heavens I love the scriptures so much! So after studies we went out and just had like, the best day ever! Fun Fact: in our mission there is actually parts where there's open space! Like, where the houses aren't two feet apart and trees grow! It's in the Parker ward! Ha ha. I love it! But they also have some "downtown" of Parker so that's where we spent most of our day. We had some appointments and then they fell through so we went street contacting and talked to so many awesome people! A couple of hours later, and after lunch at the church, we had a lesson with the sweetest lady! Her name was Stacy and we taught her the Restoration! It was an incredible lesson. She's one of those people who is just thirsting for the gospel! For the happiness and hope it brings when you live the gospel of Jesus Christ! So it was aweeeeesome! We went to dinner and that was fun, they were out in the middle of nowhere and had a farm of a million animals! Ha ha. 

In Parker.
Then we went back into town and did some street contacting in a neighborhood. This was the funniest thing ever.  Sister Tracy is walking down the road and we see this guy, lady and a baby sitting outside on the steps. So we approach them and she calls out, "Wow, that is such a cute little girl!" (The child had long hair and a coral-ly/orange color on) And the grandma lady yells back, "It's a boy!!!!!" ha ha ha ha ha  Oh my gosh, it was so hard not to laugh and make her feel even more embarrassed, but after we talked and walked a block away we were CRACKING up!! Ha ha ha "Wow that is such a cute little girl!" ... "It's a boy!!!!!!" ha ha ha. Missionary work is just hilarious!! We exchanged back later that evening and went home! It was such a good day.

Wednesday! OH MY GOSH I THINK I HAD THE BEST MORNING EVER POSSIBLE!!! So we get up at 4:30am and shower and get out the door by 5:15 on our way to the TEMPLE!! Oh my heck - I was so excited and happy! We get to the temple and go inside and get the things we need, THEN we go to the dressing room and I turn the corner and guess who I saw?!?!?! SISTER BORUP!!!!!! We were so excited!! Oh my heck she ran and hugged me and I started to cry!! We were told to move out of the way and quiet down (we were pretty quiet for such an embrace ha ha) and so Sister Borup shoved me into a locker and we just cried and quietly giggled! It was the best thing I could ever ask for!! Seeing Sister Borup at the temple!! 
At the beautiful Denver Temple

Me and Sister Borup - my missionary mom!!!!

Oh my heck, BEST EVER!!! So after that we went out and took some pictures and then went to Deseret Book! (I love that store!) Then we came home and Sister Saito needed to rest for her MS so we all decided to rest! When we woke up.. well it turns from the best day ever to the ability to experience that greatest low I talked about earlier... ha ha. So Sister Netherton had been pretty grumpy after exchanges last night and we tried to ask her about that, but she didn't want to talk so we just went to bed. She kind of woke up a little upset, but we didn't ask her about it because we didn't want to have the spirit of contention as we were going to the temple. So Sister Saito and I knew that it needed to be addressed - so we started to ask/talk about it. Well to make a long, crazy story a bit shorter: we talked for an hour and didn't really get anywhere so we went and took a walk for two hours and came back ever more upset (and a little sun burnt- ha ha) Then Sister Netherton called President and talked to him.  Two hours later ,he called back and said Sister Netherton was getting transferred to Brighton. That night we went to dinner and then all of our appointments had to be cancelled because Sister Netherton didn't feel like going out. There was NO spirit in our home and it was very tense. She started packing and we tried to mend things and were able to a bit. I don't really think any of us slept that night, I know I didn't!

Thursday, so it's Thursday morning and Sister Netherton was picked up by the STLs and then she's gone. That is what we call an emergency transfer and the whole situation is crazy and emotional! When Sister Saito walked back up to our apartment it was mind-boggling. The spirit was there again and there was a weight lifted from shoulders. It was sad to see her go ,but there are people in Brighton that need her and people in Parker that need us and our specific personalities and characteristics. We studied and had District meeting that day and that was good! We learned about asking for referrals from everyone! 

Magic Bullet for smoothie creations!
AND I got a package in the mail! A magic bullet!! My very own!! I was so excited that I cleaned it and made a smoothie that night!!

Friday: Friday was a good day! Sister Saito and I have very open communication and it makes a HUGE difference. You cannot have a marriage, friendship, relationship, or companionship (or anything that deals with people) without communication! I am grateful for that lesson learned. We weekly planned that morning and had some awesome lessons that evening! We also got called by our mission president to cover a YSA (Young Single Adult) ward as well as our family ward and we gladly accepted! 

Saturday was a great day! We got up and got ready and were in the middle of studies when we got a call from a member in our ward. They asked if we were still coming over for service! We had tried to call them yesterday, but couldn't get in contact with them and never got a message back. So we said yes and got changed and hurried over! It was so fun! We shoveled dirt around and planted flowers in new soil! I loved it! It made me think of my dad and all of the hard work he does in our yard every weekend! As soon as we were finishing up it started to pour! Perfect for the little flowers.
Working to make the dirt a little more beautiful!

Green thumbs for these Sisters!
 They fed us lunch and then we went back home! It was so cool because Sister Saito planned to nap during the time that we were going to do service because we hadn't heard back from them and so she was kind of sad about not being able to because it really effects her health and guess what?! Our 1pm appointment fell through and she was able to do both! It's so neat how the Lord knows each of us and our specific circumstances! I love it. So we came home and she rested and I read some of the good ol' Book of Mormon. 

Packages!  From my mama AND
I got a package in the mail from my mom and from Chey!! I LOVE mail so much, it's the best!! We had some awesome lessons that day too! Oh! I have a silly story: So we were at one lesson and there was this cat that was doing okay at first and then started buzzing out! He went up to our member that was there with us and started scratching at his leg and biting his ankle! Then he goes over to one of the Elders that was there with us (because it was a hand off lesson) and starts scratching and biting him! I started to freak out, animals are the worst and I don't have any tights on to protect me! So I was trying to bear testimony on the Plan of Salvation and all of the sudden the cat looks up and stares at me. I start to get hot and red and sweaty and jumble my words and then the cats starts to approach me and I am really starting to freak out! So I finally stop awkwardly and blurt, "oh my gosh I am terrified of your cat!" and everyone was really confused and Sister Saito was laughing because she knows how scared I am of animals so the girl was like, "Oh okay, well I will go put her away" and then puts the cat in her room and comes back. We laughed and I apologized and then finished bearing testimony! Ha ha. Then the roommate comes to the house and the cat gets let out! But the elder closest to the room distracts the cat and let it bite him ha ha. Thank goodness for him!

Ferocious Dog Bite!
So then we leave that lesson and go to a Less-Active members home. She has a dog. So I was trying to play with this little dog and pet it and all was well. (I am growing mom!) and then we got up to leave later and the dog starts to FREAK out! I went over to the member we had there and gave her a hug and I felt it nip at my ankle and I was like, "Man what the heck!" and then I went over and hugged the other member and it bit my foot!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ANIMALS!! I instantly started crying ha ha ha.  No blood was drawn, but it nicked me pretty well! My companion was laughing and feeling bad for me because I was trying to laugh/cry but really I was just crying! Ha ha. So that is my lucky story of animals, I tell ya, they are all out to get me. Ha ha. Even when I am nice to them!

Sunday! Oh my goodness Happy Mother's day!! I love all of the sweet, noble women in my life and I am so grateful for all that you have done to help shape me to who I am today! I especially love you mom!! We got up and didn't have any meetings so we actually got to get ready and study! We went to church and it was the best! The little kids sang for their moms and it was so fun! This ward has so many that when it was time to sing it was like half of the congregation went up to the stand! Ha ha. I absolutely loved it! After sacrament we went to our YSA ward and it was good! Very very veryyyyy quiet compared to the family ward! Ha ha but still, everyone there is so nice! After church we went to dinner and then after dinner we got to Skype our families!! It was so fun to be able to talk to my family and Alexis, Chey and Jason!

Missionary work is just the greatest thing ever! We have so many blessings and tender mercies all around us, we just have to look for them! I love you all so much and hope you have a fabulous week!!
Love no matter what,
-Sister Nelson

Monday, May 2, 2016

Trials & Always Opportunities to Learn & Grow

Well everyone missionary life is great! This week was good. Let's get started;
Monday is always a great day! We did our normal p-day stuff like cleaning and emailing, but THEN we witnessed the greatest miracle EVER! So we were at Walmart and we were just simply shopping for our stuff (by simply I mean it took 3 girls 2 hours to get through Walmart and get everything they needed ha ha) A little background before we get to the miracle: so when I got to Denver I talked to the Mission Office about my debit card and the money for the month on it. Well, it takes a while for all of that stuff to process so I didn't have any money to use.  I would have to use my savings money from home. (Which I really don't like!) But we shopped around and got our stuff.  Then we were standing in line waiting and we were discussing who was going to buy what for the apartment. Like toilet paper, cleaners, a toilet scrubber (because we didn't have one!), paper towels, and soap... etc. So we started to put our stuff on the belt discussing that "I only have this much", and "I spent it all because it's the end of the month"... so we're all poor, but we have stuff to get and THEN this sweet little lady behind us said, "Sisters, if you'd let me, I would like to pay for all of your stuff." WHAAAAAAT?! Our cart was full to the brim, like we had 6 kids back at home that we had to feed for the week! ha ha. We tried to tell her no and ask her if she was sure and she said, "Yes I would love to. I already texted my husband and asked if it was okay and he said it was. I remember being a missionary and I would really like to buy your things." Uhhhh we were completely dumbstuck! We didn't know what to say! Us being girls just started to tear up and it was just so miraculous. I can't believe the blessings we receive being the Lord's servants. I am so grateful! So here is a picture of sweet Crystal at Walmart. We love her!

Crystal at Walmart!
Tuesday was good.  All week long we talked about the miracle at Walmart! ha ha. We went to this place called the Parker Task Force. It is awesome! It is a place where people go when they need some assistance with food or grants for money. But what makes it super neat is the fact that they have it set up like a little store! The people actually get to shop for their food! I just love that. We cleaned there and stocked selves and it was all so fun! I love service.
 Fun fact: there are bunnies EVERYWHERE in Parker! It is the silliest thing actually! We just walk outside of our apartment and they are hopping along. Then we go to some neighborhood and they are just hopping around! It kills me! It is just so funny. 
On Wednesday, my companions were sick (well one had a stomach ache and then one has MS so she get's tired really easily and needs extra rest) so I got up and worked out by myself and I did this crazy workout video that totally kicked my butt! (It's Monday now I am still walking around funny because of how sore I am! ha ha.) So I decided I was going to use my companions blender and make a smoothie.  As I was doing it, my arms were so sore and shaky that I ended up spilling the entire smoothie on the floor and so then I spent a good half an hour cleaning pink smoothie up everywhere.  By the time I got showered and sat down for studies, my companions woke up. What is so funny about this is that they had no idea how eventful my morning was, they totally missed out on cleaning up smoothie! ha ha. Obviously my eating healthy isn't what I was supposed to do because I split my healthy drink all over the place and had to settle for Cheerios! 
Later, we had a district meeting and that was fun! We got to know some of the other Elders and Sisters in our area and learn from each other. It was one of the Sister's birthday the day before so some Elders got a cake that was left over from the Task Force that would have been thrown away and pretended that they made this huge carrot, Costco cake! We laughed and laughed about it! And since it was clear to me that I didn't need to eat healthy that day I had a couple of bites of cake! ha ha. :P 
Fun Fact: It is just beginning to spring here! There are blossoms on the trees and buds on the flowers! I love it, I left Tri-Cities and it began to look a lot like summer and I come here and it's still spring!
Thursday: Oh my gosh! How funny!! I just realize the beautiful spring that is happening here and we wake up to it SNOWING!! ha ha ha. I think that is the funniest thing! Snow with buds on flowers!! ha ha. 
It's trying to be Spring!

The day before May and it's snowing!

Funny, funny snow!

Oh my heck! Well today was a good day, pretty chilly! We went and helped a lady in our ward make desserts for a wedding reception later that night and it was so fun! She has the cutest little baby too so that made it all the more better! 
Later that evening we had a little get-together with some STL (or Sister Training Leaders) because our companionship was having some difficulty communicating and there were some tears over the past few days. So we talked and after 2 hours things seemed to be solved. I am just so happy to be out here being a missionary and I just want to work and work to show my Heavenly Father how grateful I am for the opportunity and I needed to take a step back and let one of my companions sleep so she CAN work. And then my other companion has some self-esteem issues that she needed to talk out, so now everything seems to be good! Communication is literally key to everything! Nothing can be solved if we don't know there is a problem.  So that took most of our evening! But it was worth it, we can't teach with unity and with the Spirit if there is tension among us. 
Friday was a good day! It was stilllll snowing! BUT guess what?! It was Sister Netherton's year mark!! So... just like my mama taught me, I made a pancake in the shape of a "1" to celebrate!! 

Sister Netherton's Anniversary Pancake!

We had a good time. We had weekly planning that day so we were in for a couple of hours, which was good because it was still snowing and really freezing! That night we had a lesson on the Atonement with some investigators that have been investigators for like 2+ years! It was incredible. It makes such a difference to be united with your companions when it comes to teaching! The spirit was there and I know it touched the hearts of those we taught. And mine! I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and all the suffering He went through so He could comfort me in hard times and give me strength. I can't even express in words my gratitude for Him!
Saturday... Still snowing! And still laughing about it because it is the day before May and it is literally snowing! haha. We went tracting and it was FREEZING! I am so glad that I have my big black coat and that I didn't leave it home until winter! haha. We determined it was actually "snailing" Snow and hail on and off yet consistent. haha! People are seriously so sweet here. They have compassion on three little girls in skirts out in the snow so they let us in! Even when they're not interested! haha. So that was fun!
Sunday is like the best day ever! I think I mentioned it last week but the ward we are in has SO many kids!! I just laugh and laugh the entire time because there's always one screaming or laughing or playing peek-a-boo or running around and the poor parents just want a break! If only we could help by picking them up and loving on them!  haha ;) Church is always so uplifting and I just love it! We had some lessons later that night and they all went so great! I LOVE being a missionary and I just can't get over that! I am so grateful for all of the trials and all of the opportunities to learn and grow. I love you all!! Have  great week!
Love no matter what,
-Sister Nelson