Saturday, June 11, 2016

Candy, Pyogenic Granuloma & Horses, Oh My!

Well, everyone this week was just as crazy as the last, maybe a bit more! 
I am so excited to tell you all about it :)
On Monday we had a normal P-Day where we went shopping and emailing, cleaning and preparing for the week. Later in the day we had "Sister's P-Day!" It was so fun, we all met at a park near "old town" Parker (Parker is like brand new so nothing is old haha) and we went to a frozen yogurt shop! It was like Yoplicity or MyFroYo, but had three times as many toppings and options! It was crazy! And they had lactose free stuff too :) So we all finished getting some and picking out our toppings and we were going to pay... when a man offered to pay for all 6 of us!! It was a fancy, expensive place too! It was so sweet. So we got our yogurt and profusely thanked him then ate outside in the beautiful 70 degree weather. 
We talked about our areas and investigators and laughed, I love these Sisters. Then we went to a candy store called Rocket Fizz and had fun looking at all of the goodies and games. Later that night we took a sweet girl in our ward out for some lessons! Her name is Carissa Condie and she served in Las Vegas Nevada, she got home in February! I love her too!
Sisters in the Rocket Fizz Candy Store
Candy especially for Julie Howald!
 On Tuesday I had a "big girl" moment: (you'd be so proud mom!) I couldn't afford to buy calcium supplement gummies so I had to buy the pills yesterday and I totally took them! Man, I am just learning and growing so much here. But I totally miss the gummies.... haha! 
I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon to get a growth on my gums checked out. The dentist said I needed to be referred to an oral surgeon so I had an appointment with him later in the day. I was pretty much freaking out because he said that I would have to get it removed and that is totally scary without my mom holding my hand! So we came home and did our studies that had been interrupted and then went to the appointment. It was down in Castlerock which is absolutely gorgeous! It is so green and hilly down there! (It's not in our mission so I had never been) So we got there and I was seen by good ol' Dr. Hunter. He said that it is probably something called pyogenic granuloma, which normally comes to women from a hormone imbalance and just needs to be removed. 
My very own Pyogenic Granuloma!
But to make sure he prescribed me and antibiotic to take to see if it's just an infection. So we set up an appointment to come back next week. (By the way this thing has been in my mouth for about 5 weeks now. Sooo I think it might be safe to assume that this "hormone imbalance" could be from stress! haha I am so lucky :)) So we went back to Parker and picked up the prescription. 
That night (another big girl moment) I had authentic Mexican food! We ate with this family in our ward and she made some spiiiiiicy tacos. It wasn't my most favorite meal I have ever eaten but it also wasn't the worst! haha. And for dessert we had "Mo-Chi" which is apparently some kind of Japanese dessert (definitely not my favorite :P)
 On Wednesday we had district meeting and then did service at a Riding Club. Like... horses. I don't know... I am not a big fan of horses so I can't say that it was the most fun thing I have ever done! But you'd be impressed to know that I like actually touched a horse! I ever brushed it once or twice! hahaha. My companion was in heaven so at least someone enjoyed it! haha. Then we can home and I had to lay down for a bit because the meds that I started make me really drowsy and nauseous. 
Sister Nelson trying to smile for the camera with a horse.  Difficult, I know.
On Thursday we had some lessons that we went to and then I really wasn't feeling well so we came back home and I laid down again. The thing in my mouth didn't look any different at that point either so I was a bit frustrated! 

Lifecare Ice Cream scoopin'!
On Friday we had service at a place called Lifecare and it was so fun! They have a little ice cream parlor that we served ice cream to the residents! I love talking with elderly people. I love them and the experiences that they have had!  There is so much to learn from them. 
Then we went to one of the sweetest families in the ward, the Condies. We had dinner with them and they were sooo sweet to me! They made pulled pork for sandwiches and knew that I can't eat acidic things like tomatoes based products which they used on the pork by the BBQ sauce so they made me my very own portion in a little crock pot! :D I was so touched <3 We had a fun dinner with them and took their daughter Carissa out later that evening for some lessons. That night we went to check the mail and as I came back my companion said there was a spider in the car but she lost it because it was dark... Oh man I hate spiders! haha.

My very own Pulled Pork meet without BBQ Sauce!  Love in a crockpot!

Lactose Free Ice Cream!  Thanks Condies!
 On Saturday morning with had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and we discussed what we did for the past week and our plans for this week. Then we asked for a flashlight to search for the spider in our car. No luck. We went home and had lunch then went out with a different sister in the ward to try and contact some less active members. It was fun! We came back home and had lunch and for some reason I wasn't feeling good at all and ending up not holding the food down. This wasn't the first time since taking these meds so I finally decided to call the doctor and ask to stop taking them. He agreed and asked if there had been any change in the growth. I said no so we scheduled a time on Tuesday to just get it removed, not just a check up. I am grateful for that because those meds were horrible! 
Later we had dinner at a sweet family we met at the ward party last week and then a lesson with some investigators. It was great! The spirit was so strong and the Young Women that we brought with us has the sweetest, boldest testimony. I love Bailee so much! And the Spirit for testifying of truth as we taught. 
That night we were driving our of some apartments and the spider was crawling across the dash. I freaked out and put the car in park and flung myself out of the place. My companion (she is so sweet) flung the spider over to my side of the car while trying to kill it. Now there was no way I was going to get into the car until that thing was dead or out and so we got out our little flash light and searched for like 30 minutes to find it. We finally found this massive thing and took care of it. We got home pretty late.. But hey, we didn't get into an accident and we killed a spider! All is well! :P
Sunday morning we got up and ready for ward council, got to the church and found out there was no ward council haha. So more time for me to practice piano! It was great. We went home after an hour because my companion wasn't so entertained. She tried to make some rice and tried to do this by microwaving it. For some reason she thought it made sense to microwave it for 10 minutes but about 8 minutes in I smelt it burning and it was on fire! hahaha. Oh my gosh. Ridiculous. So we took care of that and took the privileges of microwaving away. 
We went to church and had a great time! Church is the best. After both wards, we had dinner and then some lessons. Oh! And at church a lady sang "Consider the Lilies" and it was incredible! I love that song so much.

Our district with the Colorado State Flag we took to the 5K
On Monday we had the greatest day ever! Since it was memorial day we couldn't email so we had a mission 5K! It was SO fun!! We drove to downtown Denver and picked up my favorite sister Borup and her sweet companion Sister Loyd and then drove to Westminster for the run! The drive was gorgeous with the mountains and the city, I love Colorado! We were talked to and ran as a zone. We had a snack and then President talked to us too! It was awesome to gather as a mission, we are so small so it makes it so much more fun. The theme of the 5K was "Fit to the Finish." Fit physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was so awesome! After the 5K we went back to our areas and met as a zone to figure out transfer information.  I am being transferred and.....
I am so dang excited!! We are going to open a new area in Parker South that is now apart of our mission, starting this transfer.  We are so thrilled! We will be covering two wards: Pinery and Castlewood Canyon. And will be living with members! Oh my heavens I am so blessed!! So we went from that meeting back to our apartment to start packing! We got our hairs cut later (just a two-inch trim for me) and then had dinner! We had some lessons that evening and stopped by the sweet Zinter family to say goodbye. 

With the Zinter Family

I really am sad to be leaving Clarke Farms but somebody wise once told me (and I can't remember who it was so it's probably my mom) but she said something along the lines of. "If it's hard to leave a place where you've been serving the people,  then you did your job right." (right mom?) I love these people so much. I want the missionaries coming in after me to love and care for them the way I did! I want them to continue to be reminded that Heavenly Father loves them. I know that a little piece of my heart will be left here when I leave tomorrow, but I am so excited! I love you all so much and I hope that everything is going well where you're at! Always remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love YOU and care for YOU. Strive to always remember them in all you do. You will be blessed as you do!
Love no matter what,

-Sister Nelson

Crazy rainstorm!

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