Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Despite the challenges we face, there is always good - all we have to do it look for the good

Well,  this week has been one of those tougher weeks. At least I can say that I have the same companion as I did last week! ha ha. I know that Heavenly Father gives us challenges and trials so we can learn and grow.
For this post I will give some highlights of my week :)
*On Monday I was able to use my little Plan of Salvation cut outs while teaching at a Family Home Evening with some members in our ward. It was awesome! I love those little things so much, and the little kids loved them too! Ha ha.
*On Tuesday we had service at Task Force and it was awesome! I love that little food bank.
Then we went to a family in our ward, the Martlaro’s, and helped back pizzels for Emily’s graduation party and it was such a success! It was so fun because pizzels are so particular and so we had fun trying to get it down perfectly. 
I also got a package in the mail and it was from my mom! I had received more cute cutouts and ideas and I am so grateful for her! I also got my ballot and I am proud to say I voted!! J
Lesson Enhancers! Thanks Mom!
Civic Duty DONE!
*On Wednesday we had district meeting and it went well, it was all about finding again so that was good.
We had the most hilarious dinner I have ever had on my mission with the sweetest family, the Zinter’s. When we got there she said that the food was just preparing to come out of the oven. After 20 minutes the food wasn’t done so she put it back in. 10 minutes later she went to get the over and the liquid that the meat was in boiled over and was burning at the bottom of the oven. The fire alarms went off and they were very obnoxiously loud. Now we had been there for 45 minutes and the fire department was calling asking if they needed to send help. Then the alarms still didn’t go off so we sat for 10 minutes waiting for the food to be done trying to have some nice conversation over blaring fire alarms. It was really quite “dinner and a show!” Needless to say our hour dinner appointment went over but we had a good time! The food was totally worth the wait! Ha ha. I love that family
*On Thursday we had some appointments and later that evening at the Relief Society President’s home and guess what she made for dessert?! The same marshmallow, chocolate-y rice crispy brownies my mom makes!! It was so awesome! I love that lady.
*On Friday we had studies and started a bit of weekly planning before we went and had interviews with President and Sister Mendenhall. They were awesome! I love those two! They do so much work for us. The advice given to me multiple time by President Mendenhall was “just hang on!” That’s exactly what I am trying to do. Ha ha.
Us Before Our Interviews With President Mendenhall - Same comp as last week!! :)
After that we went to go and get gas in our car and we pulled behind someone and guess what?! They offered to pay for our gas! Even after we said that we don’t pay for it out of pocket, he said that he wanted to so those funds could go elsewhere. It was such a blessing! I love people like that.
*On Saturday we had a baptism of a little girl in our ward and I was able to play the piano at it! I love the piano so much. It was a sweet baptism, the little girl was so dang excited haha. 
We tracted all day Saturday trying to get in contact with those that had talked with missionaries before and we didn’t have much luck, but I did get a pretty good sunburn! I remembered to put sunscreen on my arms and legs but I forgot my neck and chest haha.
Sunburn :(
That evening we had a ward activity and it was seriously the cutest thing ever! It was all about the Book of Mormon and they did it so well. We had to “kill our food” like Nephi with a bow and arrow. We made paper boats and “sailed across the sea to get to the promised land” (Dessert) and it was just so fun! I love this ward.
*On Sunday we had some meetings and in between them and church I played the piano. It was so cute, halfway through the time I had a little girl came in to the room and was just waiting for her class to start. (I think she ran away from sacrament meeting and was just hanging out in the Primary room. Haha) But I was playing and she would try and sing but didn’t know the words and it was just the cutest dang thing ever! Haha I love kids so much.
Church was good, like it always is and that evening (despite the experience last time) we had dinner with the Zinter’s! The food was all prepared this time ;) We love them! That evening their daughter went out with us and we contacted some of our investigators and potential investigators. It was a good Sabbath!
There is always good despite the challenges we face, all we have to do it look for them. I love you all! I appreciate your love and support more than you know! Have a great week!!
Love no matter what,
Sister Nelson

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