Monday, June 13, 2016

Oh my heavens, I love missionary work so much!!

Loving the life of a missionary!
Oh my heavens, I love missionary work so much!! Every week with Sister Borup is the BEST!
So it's going to be pretty short, but I will give the highlights! There's not a lot of time today. Or any day, time flies when you're having fun! haha. 
So on Tuesday we had something called Zone Conference which was from 9:30 to 4:30! 
Our Zone!
It was awesome, and super long!! But you always can learn so much at those meetings and I totally did! I am so grateful for the spirit and the things it teaches me as I am willing. 
3rd Cleanest Car!
ALSO we won 3rd cleanest car out of the half of the mission that was there!!! We worked so hard to claen our car and it totally paid off!! haha. 
On Wednesday we played piano at the church and sang for lunch and then went and did some rock shoveling at a neighbor so that was fun! My back is still sore almost a week later haha. But I love doing service!!  
On Thursday we got to see SISTER LEWIS!! Oh my heaven, I love her! She is doing a bit better, has gotten on some medication to help and is waiting for some doctor's appointments to hear back on what it could be. Keep her in your prayers! :) She is the best.

Sister Lewis (from Pasco), Sister Nelson and Sister Borup

On Friday (Happy 27th Anniversary mom and dad!) we had weekly planning and that takes up most of our days but we are getting together the things we need so we can start biking next week because we only have a certain amount of miles and are about to exceed them and it's only halfway through the month! haha. So I got a bike from a sister that went home this past transfer and we got a bike to borrow for Sister Borup from a couple in one of our wards! We are so excited, today we have to buy helmets and we are good to go! :)
On Saturday we did some service at a lake we have in our area, a light trash pick up! It was good, there was a small turnout but we had a good time trying not to fall in while walking on the rocks! Then we went to this thing called "Parker Days" which is exactly like the Fair in TriCities and it was crazy! Crazy in a lot of ways!! Crazy hot so we got super sunburns and crazy amounts of people! We had a family history booth that we took turns being at with other missionaries and then if not there we were out proselyting about families! It was awesome. We got burnt though! THEN we went to Kneaders and we had dinner with THE WRIGHTS!! It was so awesome!! :) I love them so much!!
Lunch at Kneaders!

Sunday was another great day! We got to church at 8 and left at 4! haha. It was a long day, but there was so much going on that it seemed short at the same time! Missionary work is the best!! We are so busy up to our ears that that's all we really have time for and I love it!! I hope you all are doing great, I love you and appreciate you and your support!! Have a great week!
Sunday, Fun Day!
Love no matter what, 
-Sister Nelson
Mosija 2:17
Og se, jeg fortæller jer dette, saa I kan lære visdom; saa I kan lære, at naar I er i jeres medmenneskers tjeneste, er I blot i jeres Guds tjeneste. 
Scripture of the week!

Now in English
Mosiah 2:17
And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

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