Monday, May 2, 2016

Trials & Always Opportunities to Learn & Grow

Well everyone missionary life is great! This week was good. Let's get started;
Monday is always a great day! We did our normal p-day stuff like cleaning and emailing, but THEN we witnessed the greatest miracle EVER! So we were at Walmart and we were just simply shopping for our stuff (by simply I mean it took 3 girls 2 hours to get through Walmart and get everything they needed ha ha) A little background before we get to the miracle: so when I got to Denver I talked to the Mission Office about my debit card and the money for the month on it. Well, it takes a while for all of that stuff to process so I didn't have any money to use.  I would have to use my savings money from home. (Which I really don't like!) But we shopped around and got our stuff.  Then we were standing in line waiting and we were discussing who was going to buy what for the apartment. Like toilet paper, cleaners, a toilet scrubber (because we didn't have one!), paper towels, and soap... etc. So we started to put our stuff on the belt discussing that "I only have this much", and "I spent it all because it's the end of the month"... so we're all poor, but we have stuff to get and THEN this sweet little lady behind us said, "Sisters, if you'd let me, I would like to pay for all of your stuff." WHAAAAAAT?! Our cart was full to the brim, like we had 6 kids back at home that we had to feed for the week! ha ha. We tried to tell her no and ask her if she was sure and she said, "Yes I would love to. I already texted my husband and asked if it was okay and he said it was. I remember being a missionary and I would really like to buy your things." Uhhhh we were completely dumbstuck! We didn't know what to say! Us being girls just started to tear up and it was just so miraculous. I can't believe the blessings we receive being the Lord's servants. I am so grateful! So here is a picture of sweet Crystal at Walmart. We love her!

Crystal at Walmart!
Tuesday was good.  All week long we talked about the miracle at Walmart! ha ha. We went to this place called the Parker Task Force. It is awesome! It is a place where people go when they need some assistance with food or grants for money. But what makes it super neat is the fact that they have it set up like a little store! The people actually get to shop for their food! I just love that. We cleaned there and stocked selves and it was all so fun! I love service.
 Fun fact: there are bunnies EVERYWHERE in Parker! It is the silliest thing actually! We just walk outside of our apartment and they are hopping along. Then we go to some neighborhood and they are just hopping around! It kills me! It is just so funny. 
On Wednesday, my companions were sick (well one had a stomach ache and then one has MS so she get's tired really easily and needs extra rest) so I got up and worked out by myself and I did this crazy workout video that totally kicked my butt! (It's Monday now I am still walking around funny because of how sore I am! ha ha.) So I decided I was going to use my companions blender and make a smoothie.  As I was doing it, my arms were so sore and shaky that I ended up spilling the entire smoothie on the floor and so then I spent a good half an hour cleaning pink smoothie up everywhere.  By the time I got showered and sat down for studies, my companions woke up. What is so funny about this is that they had no idea how eventful my morning was, they totally missed out on cleaning up smoothie! ha ha. Obviously my eating healthy isn't what I was supposed to do because I split my healthy drink all over the place and had to settle for Cheerios! 
Later, we had a district meeting and that was fun! We got to know some of the other Elders and Sisters in our area and learn from each other. It was one of the Sister's birthday the day before so some Elders got a cake that was left over from the Task Force that would have been thrown away and pretended that they made this huge carrot, Costco cake! We laughed and laughed about it! And since it was clear to me that I didn't need to eat healthy that day I had a couple of bites of cake! ha ha. :P 
Fun Fact: It is just beginning to spring here! There are blossoms on the trees and buds on the flowers! I love it, I left Tri-Cities and it began to look a lot like summer and I come here and it's still spring!
Thursday: Oh my gosh! How funny!! I just realize the beautiful spring that is happening here and we wake up to it SNOWING!! ha ha ha. I think that is the funniest thing! Snow with buds on flowers!! ha ha. 
It's trying to be Spring!

The day before May and it's snowing!

Funny, funny snow!

Oh my heck! Well today was a good day, pretty chilly! We went and helped a lady in our ward make desserts for a wedding reception later that night and it was so fun! She has the cutest little baby too so that made it all the more better! 
Later that evening we had a little get-together with some STL (or Sister Training Leaders) because our companionship was having some difficulty communicating and there were some tears over the past few days. So we talked and after 2 hours things seemed to be solved. I am just so happy to be out here being a missionary and I just want to work and work to show my Heavenly Father how grateful I am for the opportunity and I needed to take a step back and let one of my companions sleep so she CAN work. And then my other companion has some self-esteem issues that she needed to talk out, so now everything seems to be good! Communication is literally key to everything! Nothing can be solved if we don't know there is a problem.  So that took most of our evening! But it was worth it, we can't teach with unity and with the Spirit if there is tension among us. 
Friday was a good day! It was stilllll snowing! BUT guess what?! It was Sister Netherton's year mark!! So... just like my mama taught me, I made a pancake in the shape of a "1" to celebrate!! 

Sister Netherton's Anniversary Pancake!

We had a good time. We had weekly planning that day so we were in for a couple of hours, which was good because it was still snowing and really freezing! That night we had a lesson on the Atonement with some investigators that have been investigators for like 2+ years! It was incredible. It makes such a difference to be united with your companions when it comes to teaching! The spirit was there and I know it touched the hearts of those we taught. And mine! I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and all the suffering He went through so He could comfort me in hard times and give me strength. I can't even express in words my gratitude for Him!
Saturday... Still snowing! And still laughing about it because it is the day before May and it is literally snowing! haha. We went tracting and it was FREEZING! I am so glad that I have my big black coat and that I didn't leave it home until winter! haha. We determined it was actually "snailing" Snow and hail on and off yet consistent. haha! People are seriously so sweet here. They have compassion on three little girls in skirts out in the snow so they let us in! Even when they're not interested! haha. So that was fun!
Sunday is like the best day ever! I think I mentioned it last week but the ward we are in has SO many kids!! I just laugh and laugh the entire time because there's always one screaming or laughing or playing peek-a-boo or running around and the poor parents just want a break! If only we could help by picking them up and loving on them!  haha ;) Church is always so uplifting and I just love it! We had some lessons later that night and they all went so great! I LOVE being a missionary and I just can't get over that! I am so grateful for all of the trials and all of the opportunities to learn and grow. I love you all!! Have  great week!
Love no matter what,
-Sister Nelson

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