Tuesday, April 26, 2016

At Home - In Colorado

Well everyone... I am officially in COLORADO!!! I am so thrilled beyond belief! I am so glad to be back to this beautiful state, to these wonderful people!! So I will be brief in the beginning of my week so we can all get to the good stuff ;D 

On Monday we just did the normal P-Day stuff and honestly it is good that I am being brief because I don't have my old journal so I really don't know what we did! ha ha. We went emailing and my email still didn't work, we went shopping and I didn't really get anything because I was planning on leaving and then we played Ultimate Frisbee with the zone and that was fun! It was a nice, normal day. I also started calling around that day to figure out who was going to book my flight to Colorado. That is important!

Tuesday was good. We all wore matching bow shirts!! 

I called around some more and we had some lessons to go to that were awesome. It was a nice hot day, I remember that! ha ha. I also had to go to the church so I could write a letter to Mission Medical so they could approve me to go back, and the paper work that I had originally gotten from my GI that approved me to come out was lost or sent to the wrong place so I know that my mom spent the day do that (thanks mom!). That night we came in around 7pm and I packed up all of my stuff to go, assuming that I was going to leave the next day (The 20th!) because that is what I had been told.

Wednesday: We woke up that morning and there were no texts so we were all kind of discouraged and just went about the normal morning business. THEN at 7am we got a text from President Ware (the Kennewick Mission President) and he said that there was flight news!! Oh we were so excited we were bouncing off the walls! After we took some time to calm down we called him and he said that my flight was going to be Thursday morning at 9am!! AHHH!! We were just so thrilled! We all wore matching stripes and fun colored cardigans! ha ha. That day was full of appointments, service, and saying quick goodbyes to some sweet people in the ward. (I love you Pasco 4th!) 

That night it was really cool because President Ware came to our home to give me my flight information and we all knelt in prayer together. It is always a powerful experience to pray with the mission President. I love President Ware! That night we could hardly sleep we were still SO excited. 

Thursday (Now the really good stuff): BEST DAY EVER!! I woke up at about 5am and just laid there so dang excited! At 6:30 we all got up and got ready for the day, my parents would be at our apartment in one short hour!! Before we knew it I was in the car on the way to the airport, on the way to Colorado!! My mom is the sweetest and told some people I love to be there and it just made me ever happier! Who knew I could get any happier?! Julie, Peggy, Grandma (Missed you Lex) and my companions came! 



It was so great!! I got everything situated and then again, before I knew it I was on a plane to Seattle! We got there quickly and after an hour layover I was REALLY on my way to Colorado! That flight took a little longer, though quicker than driving ;) I got off the plane and totally knew what to do because I had done it all before! My mom would be impressed... I was impressed! I didn't look like a lost duck! ha ha. 

President Mendenhall and his wife were there to greet me! We gathered my luggage and got in the car, on the way to my new home. In the car I got some pretty crazy news... I unfortunately wasn't going to be companions with Sister Borup. :( I might have shed a tiny tear at that point. I was going to Parker and she was staying in downtown Denver for now. I am with two companions named Sisters Netherton and Saito. They are sweet girls, but not my Sister Borup! We got to the area, which is absolutely beautiful and took a picture (on President's phone) and were on our merry way. 

Sister Saito, Sister Netherton and Sister Nelson
We went to Walmart to grab some food for the rest of the week and then back to our apartment to unpack. Time went so quickly that it was already dinner time! We went to dinner, which went well, and then went and met the Bishop of the ward. He is a great man! Very missionary minded. It was a great first day back!!

Friday was a slower, but still busy day. During studies that morning I read the most perfect verse. (Thank goodness for the scriptures to comfort!) It is in Alma 22:4 "And Aaron said unto the king (because this king, King Lamoni's father, was asking where "his" missionary, Ammon was): Behold the Spirit of the Lord has called him another way; he has gone to the land of Ishmael, to teach the people of Lamoni." And I just really loved it because I changed some of it around to apply to me, "Behold the Spirit of the Lord has called [her] another way; [she] has gone to the land of [Parker] to teach the people of [Clarke Farms]. WOW! I would love to, more than a lot of things, be with Sister Borup. But I know that President Mendenhall receives revelations for each missionary he has. I know that I am supposed to be here in Parker with these companions at this time to learn and grow more than I could if things were different. 

I am grateful for the scriptures and the way they can be likened to ourselves as we desire that! I know that as you read the scriptures looking for direction or comfort Heavenly Father will do just that. It's like the quote that says, "If you want to talk to God, pray. If you want Him to talk to you, read the scriptures." It's true! The church is true!! 

That day we spent the time going through something called an area book. We had two of them because there used to be Elders and Sisters in the same ward, but they got taken somewhere else and now we have it all. It took a lot of time, but we finally got it done by 6pm! It is very organized and thorough though! :)

Saturday was a great day! We did studies and then we went out and had back-to-back lessons and appointments with people! It was crazy!! What is so fun about that is the fact that none of us really know the area and we don't have a GPS so we use this GINORMOUS map to help us get around. I bet when people look into our car and see us using this map that takes up half of the car they get a good laugh in, I know I do! ha ha. We will get it down eventually ;) 

Sunday was a great day as well! Church is always good, especially when the ward you go to has a million kids! I love when kids are talking and cooing and crying and laughing during church. I love kids and miss being able to hold them! It's such a tender mercy though, to hear that for the whole hour! I bet some people don't like it and can't focus... but I totally love it! We had appointments all day after church and had a meeting at night. It was all great! Great great great! :D 

I love Colorado so much! I love being back here and being able to be a full-time missionary! It is such a short opportunity that I have to do it so I will gladly take all of the struggles that come with it. I would much rather be here and learning than not here at all! :) I am grateful that it is still apart of the plan that Heavenly Father has for me. I love you all! I am so glad that all seems well in Tri-Cities! Let me know if I can do anything for you :)

Love no matter what,
Sister Nelson
PS My new address is:  17030 E Carlson Dr.  #1424
                                          Parker CO 80134

AND my email works again!! Another blessing!

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