Monday, August 15, 2016


This is how Sister Nelson spent most of Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  She's avoided talking to many of you about the pains that have come back in her stomach for some time now and has just pressed on with the work.  She LOVES being a missionary.  She loves sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.  She so appreciates our Savior's atoning sacrifice for all of us and the knowledge that our Father in Heaven loves each one of us and knows each of us personally.  She wanted to shout this understanding of hers from the roof tops for all to hear - she wanted to knock every door and let those who open them be aware that the Peace that is found in Christ is where joy truly is.  She loved, served, smiled and touched hearts in Colorado in the time she spent there.  
But this weekend, her body was tired of being ignored.  She had immense pain in the left side of her body.  After blood work, x-rays, a CAT Scan, ultra sound and numerous pokes etc, their findings only uncovered an slightly enlarged kidney.  Still no answers.  She is being sent home this evening to continue her care here at home.  She is heartbroken, but knows that she is loved.  Please pray for her endurance and some answers.  Thank you all for your loving support.

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