Tuesday, December 1, 2015

YOU GUYS!! This is the best!

Christmas lights at the MTC are on every night now!  Look at the snow!
First off, KEEP TRYING! No matter what--keep trying. I have had some trying times here already, and it seriously has only been like 13 days since I got here... But I have been able to experienced some of the lowest lows (which definitely stink), but you know what comes from the lowest lows?? A couple of things! First, HUMILITY. I don't know if you know, but I was far, far, faaaar from humble before I came here. I thought I was everything and a bag of chips (popular Mom Nelson phrase), but I now know that I am not! Without HIM I am nothing. I wouldn't be able to do anything or get through anything without the knowledge that He died for ME and He wants to help ME. I sincerely know that He wants to help you too. But you have to, HAVE to, turn to Him. Ask for His help and for guidance. If you really want it and are trying to be and do the best that you can, you will receive it. 

Second, love and charity. As I go through hardships, I am able to better understand when others go through hardships AND how to best help them. How could I teach someone what to do when they're experiencing a trial if I didn't know what to do myself?? I have been able to seek the guidance of the Lord, I have been able to ask questions that will strengthen my faith, "Do You know me? Do You love me? Will You strengthen me?" My friends, He does. I know He does. 

Lastly, if you're experiencing the lowest lows, you can count on experiencing the highest highs! And honestly, I WANT to go through the tough times so that when I have those sweet times they are SOO much sweeter. When I have been able to bear my testimony of the reality of the gospel of Christ and assure others of the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them.... those are sweet times. When I invite others to commit to do something that will bring them closer to Christ, like reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know for themselves, and when they commit AND follow through... those are sweet times. Or when I get on my knees and ask my Heavenly Father for strength to  persevere and I receive just that.... those are sweet times. I am just beyond grateful for everything that I have. I am so grateful that I have been able to come unto Christ myself and better become the missionary that Our Father and our Savior know I can be. This is going to be one crazy journey... But I already know that it will all be so worth it!

I suppose I can give you a run down of my week  as well. For starters, Thanksgiving was so great!! The food was actualllllly real! PEOPLE, THE FOOD WAS REAL!!  And do you know what that means?? That I had a full belly at noon Thanksgiving day! :D What a treat!! 

We were able to hear from Elder Dallin H. Oaks and he spoke about the importance of gratitude. It was very fitting! We sang tons and tons of songs and seriously, it is so incredible to hear 1000+ missionaries singing to their God in gratitude! It has been one of the most powerful experiences I have had feeling the Spirit here at the MTC (Missionary Training Center), SO COOL!  We also were able to serve Thanksgiving day and it was so cool! We even broke a record!! We packaged meals for an organization called "Feeding Children Everywhere" and for the amount of missionaries we had, we made the most meals ever packaged here in all of the years that they have been doing it!! 357,000! And the goal had only been 350,000! Bragging rights?? ;P Anyways, so it was so great to be able to do that and take our minds off of home! I (surprisingly) didn't even feel sad that I wasn't home on Thanksgiving day! I just think that for the next two Thanksgivings I will have the opportunity to focus on others more than myself... for the rest of the years after that, I am sure I will be with family so I think I can handle just two without my family! But only two ;) 

My Companion with me and Elder Hernandez, the music coordinator who left this week.  
Sister Larson and I in front of the Provo Temple.  It's snowing!  So beautiful!
I have been able to practice the piano a lot here! A lot as in like 30- 60 minutes 3 days a week!!! IT IS THE BEST! It totally helps me when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I love it! My companion tags along and studies as I play so really it's a win win here! On Sunday, I played in Sacrament Meeting.  I thought that I wasn't going to be playing because another group of elders wanted to do something, but literally TWO hours before Sacrament Meeting,  they bailed. So this other sister and I ended up making up something! She sang and I played.  We pretty much wrote our own song, but I used a lot of the music from a piano book I brought with me. Thank goodness I had it with me! She sang so great and it turned out fine, but I always prefer to have more time when it comes to learning a song I am going to preform! ha,ha oh well!
Sister Larson (who never gets cold) and I in front of the MTC lights.  I love Christmas lights!

I love my companion (Sister Larson) and the great example she is to me! Whenever I start to get down she asks me what I am grateful for and it REALLY helps! I encourage you to look for things you're grateful for as you might be complaining or thinking that life can be so hard. There are so many blessings around us despite life's hardships!! 
I seriously love you all and I am so so grateful for your support! THANK YOU!
-Sister Mykalyn Nelson

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