Monday, December 21, 2015

The Best Week Ever!

Oh my goodness, everyone! This has been the best week EVER!! I just have to go day by day because it was THAT good!
Okay.  so on Monday it was P-Day (which is obviously the best day ever!),  but then that night it got even better because we went to our mission president's home and had a lesson there!! How cool is that?! We taught our progressing investigator, Michael. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom.  We were so worried when we knew we had to ask him if he would stop drinking coffee so he could better come closer to Christ and live the teachings of the gospel... but guess what?! He committed to stop drinking coffee and already had stopped drinking alcohol just because he thought it wasn't what God would want. How perfectly prepared is he?? So much so! Man, we are so blessed. He has been keeping that all week too! And being in President and Sister Mendenhall's home was such a blessing.  The spirit resides so strong there and they love everyone! We had Michael, and the fellow-shipping family - the Wrights - there and they are just so loving and accepting. It was really a special experience!

Snow Selfies - a perfect shot of Sister Burop's slip!
Sister Snow Selfies!

Cute Girls!

That snow is DEEP!
Tuesday got even better, let me tell ya! We got 8 inches of snow overnight/throughout the day.  Needless to say,  we didn't have the privilege of driving because of the conditions of the roads. Everything shut down too! It was crazy because you think, "Oh Colorado.. they get snow all the time and would never shut down just because they have the materials to take care of it."  Well... we're wrong! They shut schools and work down. So that being said, we had to walk everywhere! And mind you, we live 1.2 miles outside of our ward boundaries, so any contacting along the way was for the benefit of the elders of the other ward! ha ha. But we bundled up and started on our way. It was snowing pretty hard for most of the day, but a funny thing about Colorado is that they have a law that you have to shovel your sidewalks and driveways, so a lot of people were out! More than I would've imagined! So we talked to lots of people! And we slipped and fell and laughed A LOT! It was so fun. Kind of cold... but SO fun :) 
Mykalyn's Miracle Bread
After service at the old folks home,  we started on our way to dinner (we hardly got anything done that day because trudging through snow really slows ya down, ha ha),  but we had to go to the bathroom, so we decided to go to a members home in our ward.  When we got there, there were 15+ loaves of bread on the counter because that's what the family had spent their snow day doing! They then fed us some bread and hot cocoa and as we were getting ready to leave they offered us a loaf of bread! This might seem like just small, kind gesture. But it is one of the greatest miracles I have seen thus far on my mission! Earlier that morning, Sister Borup and I were talking about how I literally have no money and two weeks left of December that I have to feed myself. I didn't know what I was going to do because I had 2 slices of my wheat bread left for sandwiches. My loving companion told me that if I trusted in the Lord he would provide. MY GOSH,  DID HE PROVIDE!! I was blessed with a literal loaf of bread that would keep me for the next two weeks! I KNOW that Heavenly Father loves me, cares for me and watches out for me. We went to the perfect member's home and were simply offered a loaf of bread. You really never know how much good you do! I love my Heavenly Father and these times that He reassures me that He knows my concerns and needs. 
Reminders of Home
Later that night, once we got to dinner, Sister Wright (who is so much like my wonderful mom!) got an early Christmas present which was a hot cocoa maker, JUST LIKE MY MOMS!! And so we made hot cocoa with the BEST hot cocoa (of course, my mom gets the same hot cocoa) and I just seriously could not count all of my blessings fast enough! The Lord truly loves and provides for every single one of us. It was a great day!
Wednesday was good too! It was Sister Borup's one year mark so I made her breakfast and we went out to lunch that day!! We also had a Christmas party that night at an old folks home and it was so fun! We gave out gifts, sang songs, helped them open the gifts and took pictures! I don't have any of the pictures but I will try and get them next week. These senior people are SO fun  and have so much life experience!! It is awesome.
On Thursday we woke up late because the alarms didn't go off and so we weren't able to work out and totally paid the price for it too. We were slow and falling asleep during our studies and just really had a useless day. But it is such a blessing because now every morning I get up ready and excited to work out because exact obedience bring blessings! I am able to better stay awake and happy. And my mile time improves like every other day! It is just great!! But I am grateful for that experience so early on on my mission so I can try to be better at being exactly obedient!
Thursday was awesome! We had some free time during lunch so we went to the church and I played the piano and guess what!?! My companion can SING!! She is so good. She sung as I played, and even better, she sung in DANISH!! It's incredible how much music can bring the spirit. And even more special when I don't understand what she is saying,  but I can still feel the spirit! God is incredible.  I was so happy to be able to play too! It had been a few weeks and the piano just really lifts my spirits!
Friday... Friday the 18th! I have officially been out for 1 whole month!! I have mixed feelings about it. ha ha. It went fast... but then it went slow. But nevertheless I am so glad that I have chosen to stick it out! The mission has helped me in countless ways already! Chewing hardly bothers me anymore.. My patience has grown.. Even my confidence! I love people more than I thought possible and care for them in a way I never have before. Only 17 more months to go! And I can't imagine what else I will learn.
On Saturday my companion treated me to the best burger place around! Jim's Burger Haven. They have burgers that are the size of my head!!!

Burgers as big as my head!
It was crazy, kind of reminded me of Miner's in Yakima... But here they play my favorite jazz music the whole time and my companion and I were singing so good! Man, I love Sister Borup. I have been so immensely blessed out here! Members from our ward dropped by some stockings that night when they totally did NOT have to!! There were some goodies, a Denver bronco blanket, and my favorite chocolate orange that my parents always put in the bottom of my stocking!! How sweet huh?! I just love my ward. They care for us so much! And even better: The primary from my home ward sent me the cutest papers with adorable notes on it!! I am so grateful for them!! They brightened my day so much! I miss those little primary children so much <3
Stockings for the missionaries from a family in the ward
Treats from my stocking-Denver Bronco Blanket!!!
Chase at the ward Christmas Party
On Saturday we had the ward Christmas party and it was "A Night in Bethlehem" It was very very well done! I got to play on the floor with little kids all night with some driedles and I was so happy! I love kids and miss being able to be around them all the time! It made me think of the little kiddos in kindergarten back at home and how much they are learning right now! Kids are such a gift from God!
Michael in his Wiseman costume
It has obviously been such a great week, full of so many blessings! I am grateful to be here and to be able to be around such great people. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season! I love each and every one of you and appreciate your love and support so much.
So much love
-Sister Nelson

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  1. Mykie! I just love your letters! So many tender mercies. The Lord truly is aware of us. Love you and am so proud of you!!