Monday, December 28, 2015

Oh my goodness everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

It has been such a great week!
We haven't really gotten much done because as we try to go to see people and families, but they don't really let us in because they're busy or have family or just don't want us - ha ha. It's okay though because so many members have been so nice and welcoming to us! We went to the Mason's on Monday night and they fed us cookies and tried to feed us hot cocoa (but half the time my companion says no because she doesn't really like American sweets).  That's alright because I have gotten my fair share of hot cocoa this week ;) They are so nice to us and try in any way they can to help us! Brother Mason is 86 years old and so kind. We wanted to buy some eggs from him, but no matter what he would not let us pay him, he is such a selfless guy! We always try to have a question to ask when we go to his home because he can literally answer any question we have. It's pretty incredible! We love him and his sweet wife. It is always such a blessing to go there!
Tuesday.... Oh Tuesday. We were wide awake very quickly this wonderful Tuesday morning. Here's some TMI: My companion went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and it didn't work out so well, so in the morning when I got up to go to the bathroom I saw that something wasn't quiet right with the toilet. So, I tried to flush is and it didn't really work out for me.... All the sudden water was spilling all over the ground and there are bits and pieces of fecal matter getting everywhere. The lady that we live with has carpet in her bathroom so, of course, that was a disaster, even more so. So I run into my companion and I said "Sister Borup, the toilet is flooding, what the crap!!!!!" (pun not intended in the moment, but we had a good laugh about it later) She is so confused and slow and so I run back into the bathroom and I am thinking "What would my mom do?! What would my mom do?!?" So I turn the knob on the back of the toilet thinking that that would do something and nothing really happened! The water stopped coming over, but was very much at the top of the bowl. So my companion then mosies in and is so confused.. then she steps in the water that's on the carpet and is all the sudden aware of what is happening and starts to freak out! We figured we had just broken Sister Barkley's toilet and we were going to have to find some money to fix it!! So we go upstairs and we're like out of breath with our hearts beating in our ears and tell Sister Barkley that her toilet has flooded over and she gave us the saddest look I have ever seen! So then she starts to get all worried that her toilet is broken and we feel so SO bad and then somehow it was brought up to plunge the toilet. We say we haven't tried that and she was so confused/appalled. "Why haven't you tried to plunge it yet??" and we didn't know where the plunger was at or even how to use it ha ha. So she runs downstairs (get's more water all over the place) and plunges the toilet. Then guess what everybody?! The toilet is fine!! AND I know how to use a plunger now!!! Man, what a blessing right?! hahaha. Oh my goodness, so much happened in such little time! Needless to say we did miss our workout that morning (we all needed to shower like right away haha) but we were wide awake alllll day long :P It was pretty funny! Thank goodness for Sister Barkley! 

Tuesday turned out to be a good day because we were able to go through Denver as we went to Aurora for a meeting. I have been called as a Family History Consultant for our zone so we had a meeting to go to!  I am so excited to learn more about my ancestors and be able to help teach people the importance of family and why we, as Latter-Day Saints, care so much about family history work! It was so fun to drive right through the city though! HUGE buildings and tons of people! Something I am not used to :) I love to live out of the city -  it is pretty neat to be able to see it from afar.  But I love to drive through it every once in a while!
On Wednesday we had exchanges and that was quite the experience. I really didn't want to leave my wonderful companion but I tried to make the most of it! I learned some new ways to teach lessons so that was good. But when it was 7 and we went down to downtown Arvada to carol as a zone I was SO happy to be reunited with my "mom" (training companion) again! Sister Borup is just so great! It was also really fun to carol with everyone. It was SO SO SO cold - like 10 degrees, but still, we had so much fun! And there seemed to be quite a few people walking around! I love my zone, they are so fun to be around!

Smores Hot Cocoa!

My Whole Zone

Sister Missionaries at the Jones'

Christmas Eve at the Jones'
Thursday was so great too! In Denmark they celebrate Christmas on the 24th so we celebrated Christmas for Sister Borup! After tha,  we went to our stake president's home and they had us eat breakfast and play their traditional bingo with them and it was SO nice of them! Me and Sister Borup both won twice and just laughed the whole time!

Of course, mine are PINK!
Eye masks from Denmark
A Denmark Christmas on Christmas Eve
Gift Opening!
 I love our stake President. President Jones and his family are so kind and welcoming. After that we went home and opened Sister Borup's gifts! That was pretty fun, she got some (super gross) yummy Danish candy and some clothes! We went to the church to practice the piano for something we have coming up and then we went to a member's home for the evening because we were allow to tract that day or the next. It was so fun! We made Danish Aebleskivers and they're actually really good! I totally am going to make that a Christmas tradition. Then we had dinner and a message and went home for the night. We even got to go to bed early!! Eek!! :)

PINK Shower Curtain - smells like new!

Everything PINK from Sister Burop!
PINK socks from my Mom!

CHIRSTMAS DAY!! Man, Christmas was the best. We woke up and worked out like normal (and I can honestly say I have never worked out on Christmas haha.) And then we got ready for the day and went over to one of our favorite ward member's home. The Wrights!! We got to talk to our families right away and it was so fun! I love my family and they all seem to be doing so great! I wasn't really sad to go or even cried! Which apparently is impressive because all the sisters in my zone cried like all day long! haha. What a little bit of a waste of Christmas! I do miss my family but I also just love Colorado.. I would want to be home but it is so special to be here too! After talking to my wonderful family we made cookies and played an intense game of Spaz Uno! It totally reminded me of my family and how competitive we are and how funny it is to watch us play games. I am so grateful for the Wrights and their selflessness to have us over for Christmas! We had so much fun!!  For dinner we went over to a different member's and they have the cutest little kids! (I love kids!!) So that was fun and they cooked a very normal meal which made me so happy! haha. It was a wonderful Christmas and I am so grateful that Christ was born so we could celebrate the day! I hope all of your Christmas's were great!!
Presents from Collin (Elder Howald)
Saturday was good too! Of course ;) We got to practice the piano and singing with some people in my zone for the upcoming New Years mission-wide gathering! I get to play for all of the missionaries here in Denver Colorado North!! Kinda crazy, but I am so excited! And I am so fortunate that I have the talent to play! I love it!! I am excited to see people from my MTC group and set some goals for the new year! 
I have some exciting news!!! 
OH my gosh, how could I forget?!? We have a baptism this week!!! Our investigator Michael is getting baptized!! We are seriously so excited. We have already hit some bumps in the road so if you wouldn't mind praying that all follows through that would be awesome! He is such a great man and has totally been prepared by the Lord. January 1st!!! :) God is so good!
I hope you all have a great New Years this week, and congrats to Jeremy and Amie that are getting married! I am so happy for you!! I love you all and appreciate you so much :)
love forever,
-Sister Nelson

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