Monday, January 11, 2016

Toughest Week of my LIFE!

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Well everyone, if I had to pick the toughest week of my life it most definitely would've been this past week. Food is the worst.
So Monday it was p-day and I woke up and didn't feel good. But it was p-day so you just have to tough through because it's like the best day of the week! But by 1pm I was really, really not feeling well so we went home and all the food I had had for breakfast and dinner the night before exited my body through the top. So then we were in for the night because I threw up.  It's a mission nurse rule   that when you throw up, you have to start a 24 hr period before you can leave again. So I laid in bed all evening and just hurt.
So Tuesday starts and I still feel really crappy. I get up to try to go and eat something because I am just so hungry and I can barely make it. I tried to eat some oatmeal and 45 minutes later it's all in the toilet. So amide much frustration, I lay down and my companion calls the mission nurse again. The nurse just thinks I have some kind of stomach bug, but to me I knew it was more than that. So then we have to stay in again.  My poor companion. She just had no idea what to do for me. She went on a mini exchange later in the evening and went to Walmart to get me some medicine and crackers and Sprite. I still didn't feel well and so we cancelled our dinner appointment and stayed in again. A small miracle occurred this day when we received a call from the mission office and they said that they had gotten the receipt from my mom for my luggage from Tri-Cities to Utah and they were going to reimburse me! It was really a blessing after what happens the rest of the week.
On Wednesday things got a little worse as I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up crackers and in the morning I tried to eat some eggs and threw those up in the afternoon. The mission nurse now thinks I have some kind of stomach blisters or ulcers because nothing is staying down. So my sweet companion went on a mini exchange and went to the store to get me some different medicine to try and help my stomach and the acid is makes. So again we stayed in and got nothing done. I tried the medicine, but it says it supposed to take 4 days to start working. Yay. So then we read some scriptures and watched all the bible videos and I laid in bed all day.
Thursday was even better, people! The sweet lady we live with brought a cold home Wednesday afternoon and I picked it up. It is a nasty cold. One where your throat hurts and where you can't breathe and where you have a headache and just ache. So then I tried to get up and get ready and study like normal and just tried to tell myself that I was fine and that I could do it, but I quickly failed as I just felt so sick that I found myself in the bathroom dry heaving the food that wasn't in my stomach and sneezing and coughing.  I really felt like I was dying. ha ha. We saw some doctors from our ward that day and I got some cold medicine, but they didn't know what to do about the horrible stomach aches I was still having.  So we talked to the mission president and his wife (and it isn't the first time!) and Sister Mendenhall thinks that maybe I am just overstressed and that my body is showing it. It was at first confusing to me because for the past 2 and a half days I haven't done anything, literally! So there was nothing to stress over; but later it becomes more realistic. So that was a rough day.
Thursday, I wake up and still feel sick and have those wonderful stomach pains, but I try and eat something because I am so incredibly hungry. And it's crazy because I have never been so sick and hungry at the same time. So I try and eat some crackers and some applesauce a member brought by the other day, but as you can guess, it comes all out an hour later. My dear companion is super worried about me and calls the mission wife, the mission nurse, and some different doctors and nurses in my ward but nothing anyone says really helps. So we stay home again and by now I just feel so SO bad for my companion and how much we've had to stay in all the days. That day we had a zone meeting and I was giving a training at it so I filled myself to the brim with medicine and a small sandwich and we left. We were there for just enough time for me to play the piano to a musical number, give my training and receive a blessing before we just barely made it home for me to puke out what I had right before we left. By now, if you can imagine, I am sore and achy and tired. I go to sleep and pretty much slept until Friday.
Friday rolls around and my cold seems to be at it's peak, but I still try and get up and get ready and study but I can barely make it. I cried for an hour that morning out of pure frustration and discouragement. I just wanted to be better. I just wanted to be able to go out. It snowed on Friday and so in the afternoon we decided that we would try to go out if I didn't throw up. So I didn't eat anything because I wanted to go out! We shoveled a driveway and went to a members home to try and help them out but someone had already gotten to it so they just let us in a fed us some hot cocoa. I opted out. ha ha. Afterwards I really didn't feel well so we went home and we did a companion exchange so Sister Borup could get out of the dang house. Later she came home and she tried to feed me some soup and then put to me bed. Sister Borup is the greatest blessing right now, she tries so much to help me in any way that she can. She is so loving and patient too! Imagine having to be inside for a week because you have a sick companion!! So that day I am proud to say that I didn't throw up (mostly because I didn't eat) BUT nonetheless, that was the first day in a while!
Saturday pops up and I really don't feel good, my cold is so bad. I am incredibly congested and, of course, my stomach hurts. But I wanted to go to the ward's Primary breakfast that morning and help out Sister Wright.  So I showered and got all ready to go. At the breakfast, I didn't help to cook anything and I wasn't around the cute kids much because I was sick so I just cleaned the dishes ha ha. I was glad to be out of the house! I had a pancake and then later an orange and really, really didn't feel well, and I think it's because of the acidity of the orange, so sad to say, I threw up and at the church! I was so sad. I was so defeated. I cried all the way home and had never wanted so badly to go home. We stayed in all day and asked for help from some members to feed Sister Borup and had a really uneventful day. All the days have been pretty much the same this week.
Sunday was no different-though we did go to the mission president's home and I got a blessing. We talked about me going home, but we are going to try a couple of more things before I give up. It is so hard. I want to just give up now. Sorry the weekly update isn't more fun, it's just the truth! Being sick sucks without my mom.

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